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Hey there, how's it going?

@aaronli, @catwomanteresa, @kona, @perlia, @travelgirl, and I have started a new venture on the Steem blockchain with an intention to build an all-inclusive community portal for pet owners and enthusiasts.

I am holding a back-end role co-developing a direction @dPet.

"Objectives at dPet

1.4.1 Short-term (2018-2019)
We are committed to hosting the dailypetphotography event, through which to develop bonds and interactions among pet owners/enthusiasts and to develop a sense of achievement

We aim to regularly co-publish blog posts on all kinds of pet-raising tips and information with pet owners/enthusiasts, through which to develop welfare and wellness of pets, improve pet-raising skills and knowledge, and further develop a sense of achievement

We aim to host ad-hoc pet-related contests with attractive SBDs to reward contributors and further develop a sense of achievement

1.4.2 Mid-to-long-term (2019 onwards)

Continuing with the short-term objectives, we aim to develop 1). the dPet SMT as an ultimate reward medium to acknowledge hard work of content contributors, 2). to host an online discussion forum on which pet owners/enthusiasts share tips and stories, and 3). to run a physical pet hotel."

A large project, isn't it? Wish me luck.

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  ·  2년 전

Support, support😎😎

  ·  2년 전

Thanks for the opportunity


  ·  2년 전


Sounds really interesting. My friend @crazycatuncle will probably be interested in this. Haha..

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  ·  2년 전

Long time no see, @culgin. How have you been?

@crazycatuncle, may I invite you to partake in #dailypetphotography? Submit your pet photos to @dPet, easy peasy. Details are here:

Thanks for the Resteem, @culgin.

Good day.


You are welcome @prch! It has indeed been a while. Haha.. I am still steeming on :)

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