dPoll development update: Introducing payout options

7개월 전

We have deployed the payout type selection into our production environment.

From now on, every dPoller can select how their poll's post rewards should be paid after the 7 days.

The options are same with Steemit's options.

  • 50% SBD / 50% SP
  • Power Up 100%
  • Decline Payout

The related pull request can be seen here.

Happy polling!

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I wonder who will be the first to decline payout.
Now steemit nad @ned can finally use this dapp:))

Awesome addition, thanks for this!

Great work as always!

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Hi @emrebeyler
A bit off topic, I voted for you as witness as requested.
I also created my first poll, it was easy to do!!

Was able to use it yesterday and it worked great :D Thanks for your work on DPoll!