dPoll development update: Keychain integration and 3rd party voting support

4개월 전

See it online at dpoll.xyz, and the source code at github repository.

With the @steemalliance's decision to use dPoll for their voting/election activities, a couple of concerns raised regarding the Steemconnect authentication on dPoll.

I have personally mixed feelings about Steemconnect. As an application developer, I love it. It makes things easier in terms of development costs and time. As a stakeholder, I am not %100 comfortable because I add another central point of trust to use an app. And this is not a perfect solution.

Voting via Keychain

Keychain is a browser extension working in the client side to address some of the concerns on Steemconnect flow. Keychain is not a direct replacement for Steemconnect. So, dPoll will continue using SC for general authentication logic and creating polls.

However, if you want to use dPoll to use voting for crucial polls (like @steemalliance polls.), you may skip logging in and vote directly via Keychain. On a poll detail view, click to the link indicates the keychain voting support.

After that step you will be asked to broadcast a vote/comment operation:

Voting via any tool/scripts

One can also be skeptical about Keychain. It's another third-party browser extension. And I wouldn't use that if I didn't trust to owners and didn't have the skills to audit the extension's source code. So, instead of limiting voting to Keychain or Steemconnect, by broadcasting valid Comment objects, you can join to any poll.

A Python script demonstrating that functionality:

See the source in raw format

By following the dPoll's json_metadata standard, you can actually vote with little scripts. After broadcasting the transaction, just trigger the web-api/sync endpoint of the dPoll and you're all set.

Pull Requests

Vote for my witness

If you like what I do, consider casting a vote on Steemconnect or on Steemit

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  • Good short article with one image and one code sample.
  • Seems like an important move for the project to remove single points of failure.
  • Nice to see some comments in the code.

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Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!


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Maybe this will be my first time on keychain! 😃

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Great work as always mate. I think Keychain is possibly the beat development we've seen on Steem and its great youve integrated it with your own brilliant creation
Best wishes to you as always :-)

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I believe every dapp need to have both for authentication.

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Keychain is so user friendly and secure compared to Steemconnect.
You gotta love it!


It's a good solution 👍

Like always, well done @emrebeyler! :)
How things going in Holland? :)

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Still trying to settle and handle the bureaucracy but it's pretty good so far! :)


All the best to you! :))

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So is keychain safer to use than steemconnect? I, too, am not that confortable in using steemconnect but most steem-based app uses it for logging in, giving me not many options. If keychain is safer than steemconnect then I might start using it soon.


Keychain is definitely safer. Your keys are stored locally on your machine and you don't need to trust any third party to keep it secure.


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I had forgotten about that. Will have to check it out.

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cool man, i love keychain, i hope more dApps will follow!

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Are you putting polling information into the blockchain? How does it work?
Can other platforms interact or are you centralizing it in and through your website?


we can say dPoll is centralized on some points. (E.g: we have a delist option for spam polls) however with the polls and votes are also stored in the blockchain one can create a new dpoll with its source code just by parsing the blockchain.)



  1. What parts are centralized?
  2. Each user puts their vote inside of a comment right?
  3. Do you put those votes inside of a first thread?
    That would seems to uncluttered a lot because many interfaces have Collapse ability.
    I know it may not sound awesome but maybe that allows the user to Mute that first thread comment. Or even give a front end the ability to auto collapse when it sees a comment from @votingsystemthing
  4. Have you considered using comment metadata so that posts are way more clean?
  5. What about working with front ends to help educate them about how they can empower the users to vote from their interface?
  6. Are you mainly focused on creating a heavily used tool for the blockchain or a heavily used website? Because if you're willing to let front ends join in on the fun this could go from something small to something standard in every interface on steem.

7 . Btw strong move to allow keychain! Well done. I may actually use the system now.

It is amazing to now have 3rd party support! Thank you! =)


Enjoy! And let me know if things doesn't work out properly.

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Ok, you won my vote. I guess I have being a bit relaxed these days with the voting. Need to make my mind more active about it.

Voting for witnesses should actually be related/win "extra reputation"... @steem-ua
Especially if validated by real curators...

Example... I vote A but I do the opposite of A and someone spots me... and I don't answer... that should negatively impact my reputation. Otherwise BOOOm!

Your extraordinary comments, very interesting to discuss, especially regarding the issue of voting through keychain, good luck @emrebeyler