WTF is up with DPorn??

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Ever since I found @o0pepper0o stashed away in the NSFW tag, I have worked to help the original content creators of the NSFW community in any way I can. My upvotes are still not substantial, but I like to think every little bit helps. When Pepper talked about @dporn on Political Porno, I went to their discord and have been helping with DPorn since.

Recently, there has been some turmoil around DPorn and more than a few people have asked for clarity.

tl;dr - DPorn's former dev lead has launched a new project with a new token. I am still working on @dporn. I am not working on the new project. A longer version with more details follows the image.


The dev lead for dporn had created a bit of a dust up a few times by issuing PORND to himself, selling them, and taking the proceeds. This happened several times AFTER it was stated no more PORND would be issued. It understandably created some concern with people purchasing the token to gain a stake in the platform.

After the most recent occurrence, the dev lead quickly bought back enough tokens to burn them and retain the market supply that was previously promised. He also proposed to relinquish control of the asset and @dporn's funds. At the same time this was implemented, checks were put on all operations of dporn. No one person has full control over any aspect.

The dev lead was not happy with this, and having recently used @dporn's steem account to claim that a server migration was needed for the discord, took to using the new discord (that he has full control over) as the launch point for a new project (that he has full control over) with a new asset (that he has full control over) . At this time, his friend that was also on the dporn crew in discord kicked the majority of users from the real discord, deleted most of the permissions, and sort of generally took a hatchet to it.

Understandably, this left the community confused. Things happened very quickly and it appeared as though there were two DPorn projects and they were running out of the same room. In fact, nothing ever changed with DPorn. The dev lead left the project. Everything else was vandalism. The existing is maintained by the existing dporn team. We are still in the same discord and are still a community driven project.

We lost a lot of people from that discord when the vandalism occurred, but it is already back up over 200 members. We are actively talking to devs, defining what needs to be done for the next version of, and working out the best ways to reward those making development contributions. If you are interested in any of that, please join us in the dporn discord:

For my part, my goals remain the same. I am in @dporn's discord, and I am also in the new project's discord. Someone assigned me the role of "crew" in the dporn discord, which I appreciate, but it doesn't change what I do. I have no affiliation with the new project, but am there to help the NSFW community any way I can.

I strongly encourage anyone in the NSFW community join the Verified NSFW Content Creator's discord. This is a purely community discord with no attached projects:

Feel free to hit me up in comments or on discord if you have any questions.

Y'all have good

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With that being said, we will see how all this plays out. The site has been VERY behind schedule recently so I look forward to seeing how it may grow with a new lead dev.


I put the tl;dr at the top just for you :D

I was really unsure of what had happened. This sheds some light on it. Too bad they had to vandalize the discord channel. Can't just leave well enough alone I guess. Those buggers.


We will do the work needed to get it all back and better. Hope to see you in there!

Thank you @foxon for your transparency on your stance and role. I (not speaking for dporn) respect whatever decision you make going forward. It's refreshing to have someone who is honest . Thanks.

Thanks for the update. It's the most information I've read to date on the subject. I'm like you. I'm rooting for NSFW in general and wish all involved the best.

Thanks for the honest, non-biased update! We appreciate all that you do! <3

Sounds like a messy business. At least all blockchain operations are public and this stuff can be sniffed out