Solo Pussy Play in the Office Bathroom

2년 전

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Sometimes you've got to be ready to act when the urge strikes you - even if it's in the middle of the workday!

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I would see you go into the bathroom and barge in while you were trying to lock the door. I would then bend you straight over, smack that ass a few time, pull your panties to the side and slide right in instructing you to play with your clit. I would fuck hard and fast so we can get back to the office quickly. I would pull out just before, turn you around and cum in your fabulous mouth allowing you to taste yourself and me at the same time. MMM perfect.


That does sound quite lovely.
I'd also enjoy you on your knees with your cock in your hand, watching me play with myself while my high-heeled foot is on your shoulder, reminding you that sometimes a good boy just pays attention, instead of bossing me around. You'd still cum in my mouth, though ;)


I would so do that!!

Hi, I want to upload my video with my partner having sex


Hello @arubaplay, feel free to drop in our discord to get verified and get started in the NSFW community.

Uffffff ♥___♥


<3 <3
Thank you, darling!

Would love to play with you pussy too. 😘


I do indeed enjoy having the two sets of hands touching and exploring ;)

Great video!


Thank you!

I wish it was my fingers

Sweet picture, awesome video, very very hot!!