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Super sweet video, very very hot!!
I didn't expect the vibrator to make that sound, when I think noisy vibrator I think different sounds...
Anyway, awesome video!!

are your nipples ultra sensitive or less sensitive being as big (and gorgeous!) as they are?

Nice naughty little show....I like the squeaky sounds of your vibrator, from your moans am sure that vibrator performs really well....

  ·  2년 전

very sexy! Thanks for posting


You're welcome - thanks for stopping by and watching! :)

Dear lord. I need a cold shower. And one of those vibrators. phew

I mean, damn.

(I'm sitting here somewhat speechless, my mouth hanging open and maybe drooling a bit after watching that. Forgive me if I am less than coherent.)

Also, that cover photo is fucking bad ass. Gorgeous.


Amazon, baby! They have everything.

and THANK YOU -- Isn't that photos just amazing? I have the best photographer .... need to get him back over here for some more content! <3 ;)