DPorn as an investment

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DPorn is one of the newest tribes on Steem. It has a token of its own with the ticker PORN. The payout window is shorter than the STEEM payout window, I think four days. The author/curator split is 75/25.

Porn was one of the first content types to proliferate on the internet in the early days. When it comes to other forms of technology adoption as well, the adult entertainment industry has always been a leader. For example, the value of virtual reality technology is very obvious for the adult industry. I'm not in the industry but I can imagine many people in the field have a technology positive mindset and openness to novelties.

Anyone who consumes porn on any traditional centralized platform has only one role available to them: the consumer. When you visit, say Pornhub and watch the videos, you may sign up, comment and like but you have very little in the way of influence on the content. Even as a shareholder of the company that owns the site, you would be in no position influence the content except very indirectly. In contrast, on DPorn you can easily purchase the token, curate content and thus directly influence the rewards the content creators are getting in proportion to your investments in the tokens. That puts you as a consumer very much in the driver's seat. You are no longer a passive consumer but an owner and and influencer. The same goes for the content creators. They, too, can stake some or all of their earnings, taking on the role of an investor and a curator. All this is possible without any single middleman who has absolute control over everything.

DPorn is at a very early stage. When new content creators are onboarded the supply of content available is diversified, which should also attract more viewers, some of whom will want to create an account and become curators. DPorn offers an opportunity for a fan of an adult content creator the ability to become a curator and an investor in their content. This is, as far as I know, totally unique in the industry. As soon as certain kinks are straightened out (pun intended) such as DPorn's own video platform be made available, it is time for us investors to spread the good word on mainstream platforms.

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You bring up many good points thanks for speaking about the benefits of the dporn platform.

Amen brother
Can’t wait til people start catching on!

Excellent article with many great points made. As soon as the new video platform is up, it will be very easy for me to begin recruiting other performers.

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