dPublisher 0.0.4 - An image update


dPublisher 0.0.4 ๐Ÿ“„

Hello together,
Today I present you the next update from dPublisher.
This update mainly fixes image upload and improvements with image handling.

What has changed?
1st Imgur Support!
Your pictures are now displayed with the anonymous function
uploaded by Imgur and automatically compressed.
Here is an original 40MB PNG picture of me.

2. inserting images via URL is now simplified!
I think this is a function that many people find useful in dealing with
the editor drastically simplified.

3. permlink revised
Before some titles have not included characters like .,+
works as desired. This should not happen anymore.

4. some fixes
As in every update there are bug-fixes here
You found a bug? Report to the Discord

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