Stickman Adventure, Part 85: Deeper in the Ducts

2년 전

Our hero climbs further into the ventilation system. For some reason, probably convenient for the plot, there's a ladder leading up a vertical duct. But there's also a grating with light coming from it just beyond where the ladder is.

What would you have our hero do next?

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He should climb on ladder I think, maybe it's the way out. And the grating I think will lead him back to the prison, he should prefer ladder.

Take the grating,

You are a super hero not a night crawler man.
Aim for the light!

Surely the ladder. Going down the grate can't do any good.

I think he should check all the option which he got at the moment.But at first he should climb up by the ladder. Go hero, your the best.

  ·  2년 전

first he climb the ladder then other work

Check out where both leads carefully to know where to head to. Too bad he’s got no maps . Careful approach is needed to know where both leads

Climb the ladder... First thing first ....

Since I'm claustrophobic I'd say get out of ducts already.
Use the ladder

old word always follow light you never afraide. I think this time our hero follow the light.

I think he has to climb the ladder Because when he comes out through the lattice it will pass through the rooms

He should check trought that grating :D and then try to climb the ladder

He will climb the ladder. After all the drawing is amazing

He should try both options. Stair climbing is an easy option so he should try it first. but believe me there is no cake like option available in real world so i believe grating options seems more useful. @alexbeyman

He doesn't know what is waiting for him. But does he have an option, he should climb the ladder and check what's out there.

climb the ladder and explore the options to escape
may be he will get better view above the ladder

Climb Leader I think this should be done on my head, so that's coming 😊

yeah he shoudclimb on ladder

Hero without any problem solve this step, @alexbeyman your creative design is mind-blowing.

Our hero should climb to the top with the ladder and maybe they could be another escape route there

Our hero crawls past the obvious ladder to look through the grating.

I feel like we've been led by ladders this whole adventure.. I say screw the system for once and screw this ladder! Let's go forward to the light!

Our hero will keep an eye on the grating before climbing the ladder. Maybe he can get valuable information for his escape.

  ·  2년 전

The face of the hero is not very comfortable, I think it does not have much clean air, greetings Alex, thanks for your comic.

There is light at the end of every tunnel, but this light might put him in trouble, hero should climb the ladder

thanks for sharing this posts

Ladder, to me, feels like the way out and not the grating as it is just going to be another room.

I think he should climb up the stairs, maybe it's way out. I think the fake would return him to jail @alexbeyman

our hero should follow the light. darknss alloways frear for any one.

Listen near the grate to see if he can hear anything, then peak up the grating to see if he can see anything, before deciding to use the ladder.

First he should use grating , may be it will lead him to a safe place from where he can get enough time to think about the escape plan.

You should buy a graphical notepad for drawing and upgrade the adventure to the next level.
Imagine how cool it would be. All whales will throw votes at you like crazy. Just to see the next chapter!

Let's go straight first? How do you think, not sure :D

First I would like you to verify where the grid light comes from to see if it takes you to another ventilation duct and thus have a possibility to move a little further, since you can find someone with security who walks through the staircase. there and could be captured

Well for my part I think I should go up the stairs first and there look carefully if there is no one around who is security, if so have the opportunity to return carefully and have another option that is the pipeline.

Try to see I he can get the grating open.
He's walked around in the open enough, time to be stealthy like a ninja

  ·  2년 전

For such a brave warrior there is only one way - up. Let's climb the ladder and obtain the title of the superhero.

What a creativity art !!!!!!!!!!!!