My thesis work. The series is "Rustles of the taiga". Work on the diploma, sketches, developments.

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Hello dear friends!

I want to share with you my works that I prepared for the thesis.I chose the topic "Rustles of the taiga" 

In general, even in the first year I knew for sure that I would take subjects with animals for the thesis, because I'm an animal artist first of all.

 Since I live in the Far East - in the taiga region, and I'm a patriot and very fond of our magical nature, in which the south meets the north, my choice was not difficult. I decided to paint animals endemic, inhabitants of our northern jungle. Therefore, I performed a series of graphic sheets with cats of the Far East taiga. And this is a tiger (an amba - so they call the tigers in the Far East, the "amba" from Nanai means big), the Far Eastern leopard and the lynx.

I believe that art should not be meaningless. After all, an image is a way of communication, and there's nothing to talk about - it's at least stupid. )

Although most of the teachers at the institute do not like my animals and say that there is nothing to do - illustrations for biology textbooks. So, that my words are very pleasant to you dear friends Steemit - because if at least one person has seen in them that something means it's not for nothing that I'm doing it.)

They were waiting for me - landscapes or portraits. Many argue that animalism is an inferior genre.)In general, we have a situation in Khabarovsk - a very strange situation with regard to animalists - there are almost none, to be exact, there is not only Pavlishin. I still remember in an alliance that it was good that at least someone appeared working in this genre. And the main thing is strange - the richest natural resource of the region! )

Yes, the most interesting thing is that they take pictures at exhibitions with the most brutal exhibition, and the institute has a very ugly situation ... well, okay.)

 My work place. I have a desktop easel - a very handy thing for the graphic artist - since he allows you to place boxes with pencils, pastels and other things beside him. He stands on a special table reserved for him. While I'm working on the drawing, I do not remove the sheet from the tablet and pencils - everything is in untouched form, so that I can come up any minute and start drawing without wasting my time preparing and getting endless boxes and cases. Preparation sometimes kills the desire to draw, so I keep it to a minimum. The graphic tablet is on the working computer desk. It only needs to connect and open the program. I must say that I always collect materials before I start drawing something. Therefore, I am often overwhelmed with photographs and other things - with visual images and maps.... 

  • drawing: Master Hekhcir.

Developments to the diploma "Rustles of the taiga"The size of the picture - A4Material: Rapidograf, chalk, cardboard. 

  • Figure: Leopard.

The size of the picture is 35х30Material: pastel

  • Picture: Leopard.

Size - 35х30Material - pastel(This is the Far Eastern leopard, it worries that there are only one hundred in nature left, afraid that in ten years, none of his brethren will not be removed.) 

  • drawing: Master Hekhcir.

The size of the picture - A4Material: Rapidograf, chalk, cardboard. 

  • Picture: Leopard.

Developments to the diploma "Rustles of the taiga"Size - A4Rapidograph, chalk, cardboard. 

  • Picture: Meeting.

Developments to the diploma "Rustles of the taiga"A4Rapidograph, chalk, cardboard. 

 In Taiga there is a lot of monuments installed in the Soviet times - for example, dead prisoners of concentration camps - and almost no one knows about them, maybe there is something - I'll try to find out, but it will not be until a month or two later. I think the most important monument is a book and movies. Dersu is now known and will not be forgotten.

1. This fern Chinese often cross borders collect fern and ginseng, lotus and other herbs and burn the places of robbery that would hush up traces, as behind the "plantations" of lotus and ginseng are being watched.

2. We sell the taiga ourselves for three rubles - and we do not need to deal with legal logging.

3. Animals such as tigers, leopards and Himalayan bears suffer so much as they often migrate from their territories to the Chinese in their territories. we have them under strict protection and in China they quietly shoot for the sake of mustaches and paws.

4. Cupid - turned into a gutter, because the Chinese do not have purification facilities and all the wastewater in the form in which they eat in this river. Yes, and they have a permanent failure - bunzol.

5. Yes, and fish are illegally caught.But the Chinese do not have much more than in the west - more of course, the border is near but not much. ) 

 I love working in peace. I do not like being pulled and distracted by this - it does not allow me to plunge into work. But, not in silence. I usually include background music or a movie. But if necessary, I can draw on the battlefield! The work has taught me, since I work in the editorial office and often we have students hanging out or someone is sorting out the relationship, laughing, yelling music - I learned to ignore all this noise. 

 Drawing should also be like breathing, eating and sleeping. Biological requirement. Otherwise, there is no point in doing this (professionally I mean!) 

Friends, thank you very much for visiting my blog. I was very pleased to see you and talk, more would be in the world of such kind and bright people as you. And then everything will be different, and everyone around will be happy.

I wish you success and new achievements on Steemit!   

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WOW! You have VERY good hands, your drawings are very alive. I believe that you are very talented. But, I just don't understand, are you saying that drawing animals (or being an animalist, as you say) in your place is frowned upon? I mean, that is not right for me, I believe that everyone is free to choose what they love to do with their talent simply because it is yours. Its your talent to improve, to showcase, to draw whatever you desire. Anyway, your drawings are cool and don't stop drawing them and I hope I'll see more of it. And that being said, I followed you and resteemed your awesome post. 😊


Thank you very much


You're welcome! 😊


Beautiful works. Do you draw every day?


thanks yeah i draw every day

amazing, very nice painting, i like.


You are very creative, I also have a new post, friend!

Beautifull drawings, I hope you will accumulate alote of followers for your blog. You deserve it!

Upvoted, following and resteemed

Greetings from a steemit newbie

Thank you so much for doing this! Your Leopard drawings sing to my soul. It sounds like your teachers just don't get it. Their mind works other ways. I hope you will get really good images of these and post them across social media. I will definitely share. You do such a great job of animating them. That is to say, your paintings give the cats a personality. The Jaguar spirit is with you ; )

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I love your drawings. You have a great handle on your rendering skills. Nice to see your work on colored paper, where you can add the darks and highlights, allowing the color pf the paper fill in much of the midtones. I remember what a magical place the taiga is from reading the books by Anastasia - Ringing Tree publishers as I recall. Great stuff.

Oh my these are absolutely amazing! The poses, shading, and and anatomy are spot on! And the spots are spot on lol, you are a very hardworking talented artist!