Building on the Blockchain

3년 전

I really love this platform!

Yes, I do music and art and t-shirts, but I am also interested in tech stuff, and economy and philosophy and psychology. This place is perfect for reading about crypto and the socially-driven blockchain.

I still don't get it completely. I can't fathom why there are 3 types of "currency" here - Steem, Steem Power, and Steem Dollars (and RC?). I don't understand the voting power. I don't understand what "upvoting witnesses" means. I need to read more.

I DO understand that I'm seeing a lot of cool stuff from people! Just the couple of weeks I've been here, I'm finding a bunch of cooperative business advice from @cbhartist , I like the stylings of @laputis's Pinky and Spiky , and stunning photography by @hozukimangetsu ...there are tons of other Steemians making lots of unique content, and I think it's incredibly valuable. I am humbled.

I plan on putting more of my own content here and contribute to the blockchain, and sharing the process as I go. It's a slow process for me, because I can be rather scatterbrained at times.

Let's build! I'll start with 1988 lol:


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