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I scroll through the trending page, check few post in the hot section.
I tend to think that more valuable posts should have more reward, and I have defined values to evaluate post which obviously is not same as other user's values. After going through few high reward posts, it's expected but it's not what I assume a fair distribution of reward.

But what options do I (we) have? And which is the case, my values are wrong or the distribution is not fair?

This drawing is not my reaction to the rewards of trending posts, just a random drawing, I draw few days ago, as always with my Galaxy Note 4 using Artflow app.

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This place has become revolting. So I do find your drawing an appropriate response to anything out here, exempting yourself my sweet friend, who remains constant in his serious reflections and playful diversions.


Interestingly sometimes my drawings are actually a response to things happening around me, even if I don't know it.