Sketchbook #2

2년 전

Another sketchbook post for the day. Planning out a few paintings for the next time I can afford supplies. I like to figure out my compositions while sketching. Working small lets be create variants quickly, then I take my favorites and go from there.

IMG_20190610_184218536 (2).jpg

I try my best to figure out the color scheme but it rarely makes it to the finished piece. I don't clean my brushes very often and my watercolors are always dirty so I let them do their thing. I like the muddiness of it all. But If I know I want something to look more red or blue or whatever, I'll put it down pure and blend away. This way I get the vibe of the color but things stay subtle.


Here is a photo to provide some scale. I like to keep my sketches and ideas small. Blowing them up takes a lot out of me and usually makes me lose interest. I have a short attention span also so I gotta keep the ideas flowing XD


How do you plan out your larger pieces of art? Let me know in the comments.

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YAY! More sketchies from you :D I love it !!!

The rabbits and the bulls :D Are you going to make this one happen, @william-syrus? :D

I dont really know how I plan out my larger pieces since I have... not done .... any larger pieces, lol.... I seem to be bound eternally to be a sketch artist. ALAS POOR YORRICK.

But I am trying to make a comic project, so even though the dimensions are not 'larger' ... it is a larger project, and for planning such a thing, I usually do thumbnailing to set out the pace and feel of the pages' layouts :)


This one is in the queue for sure haha. I'm glad you like it. Comic projects are daunting indeed. I can never seem to make it past the 3rd page before I throw in the towel. I like your pen work. Looking forward to a comic :)

No doubt your art will go to the moon...'cause it's very bullish.
That was a joke hope you catch it. Nyahaha xD
Anyway, hope to see this one happen :D


Eyyy I see what ya did there haha. It's definitely on the to do list.


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Looking forward to seeing the final product! Looks fun.