Sketchbook #3

2년 전

A couple years ago I never would have considered myself a painter. I spent all my free time with a pencil and pen letting my imagination run free. I've found that drawing randomly, much like free writing is very effective in getting the creative juices flowing. I will be making a point to draw as much as possible, in attempts to remove any creative blockages.

IMG_20190627_152310650 (2).jpg

I've missed my cartoon styles. I am happy to find they they are still with me even after years of neglect.


Character design is my favorite aspect of drawing. If anyone needs any characters or creatures, let me know :)
Thank you for your time, and I apologize in advance. I am going to be blowing up the feed in the following days.

Steem on!

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WOW, just previously, I thought you were going to be away from us again, and then BOOM, here is another @william-syrus post and wow, you are passionate about character design???!!!!! WOW I didn't see that coming at all XD I love it \o/ That's so wonderful ! I love that you are so surprising and that your talents are multi-faceted * ____ * We have just scratched the surface of your depth, it seems :D :D :D

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Sketching is so peaceful. Sure it allows us to explore our creative side, but it is also a form of meditation. Knowing this firsthand also allows me to feel it in others. I get a bit of a Spidee comic feel from your sketches- a youth wanting a normal, good, peaceful life who is unfortunately tasked with a mission of perseverance amidst hostile forces. I suppose it's a lot to read in.

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