Drawing 2: i need more holidays and less work!

3년 전

Hi hiii steemit community! Today I will show you my new drawing.

Osito listo.jpg

Why did I do this? Well ... let's say that work has me a little tired every day, and you can not imagine how I want more free time hehehe

I think several people identify with this ~

and why a bear? well ... let's give a touch of joy to the image with something curious hehe :)

I'm still experiencing this strange and curious program ... and I think I'm getting used to using it, little by little ... I hope you like what I did today :)

I will show you how I was doing it:

First I began outlining the bear, with different types of lines. defined in a single layer

and after finishing most of the lines, I started to color it and put the shadows and light

I hope you liked it ~

And see you later :)

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Thank you very much! :) @slothicorn

great to see the full process of how you drew it. upsidedown day i know it well :)


hehe thank you very much! :)