forget cryptocurrency slides for the day, only one stock you need to be focusing on and that’s Gillette!

2년 전

Just to bring you up to speed with the doc you can watch this on repeat for the next ten hours, once you have finished playing that track over and over you should be at the maximum hype level for tonights first stream in over two months — it’s suggested to buy all your drinks, weed and whatever else you need to get on that doc hype train.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, it was owned by The GilletteCompany, a supplier of products under various brands until that company merged into P&G in 2005. The Gillette Company was founded by King C. Gillette in 1901 as a safety razor manufacturer.

What makes the ‘doc’ stand out from other live streamers is that he’s the complete package — a natural entertainer, understand his technology, has been around the block for well over a decade or more playing online and fps shooters and has his ‘badges’ of time served (oh and he designed a bunch of cod maps that gives him his gamer legacy cred)

Aside from the recent two months hiatus from streaming while he needed to resolve, talk it out, have therapy (maybe shock treatment) he built up the biggest following on and has won two awards from the gaming industry last year.

While a lot of people might have worried about his sponsors would react to the news and no doubt people having a debate on him as a person because of the infidelity with his wife it’s no doubt that it’s an important conversation to had as we cross over from workers in an analog sense to the digital streaming portal of decentralised (from corporates) entertainment and the pay to consume industry.

I have no doubt that we will see incredible numbers of people tune into his first show tonight, I’d expect well over 50k at least, his nightly was around 30k, an incredible amount when you consider he has well over a million followers on his twitch account.

If you are looking to create an online video show and community, for instance maybe here on the steem blockchain via @dlive I suggest you tune in to see how it’s done — from the equipment, quality of stream, interaction between the viewers and familiar sayings you will see why the doc, is the best.

Even thou it’s only been a two month period it brings up a much needed conversation about the person behind the stream — that we all have lives that live out when we are the figure head of an online audience, that the person you watch has a life outside of the 16:9 viewport.

Personally, I wish the doc the best (and his wife and family/child) and I understand and respect that they all went through a terrible strain on their family unit, let’s hope they spent the last eight weeks in constant dialog about it and they can course correct and really build on the champions club.

p.s -- follow the other 105 people taking the 'how to be like the doc' skillshare course -- -- and become a legend in your own right.

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