The Return of Dr Disrespect and the Newly Formed Champions Club was a Great Success All Around.

2년 전

last night was the return of dr disrespect, the most popular (as of last night it seems as history was made) live streamer on the platform. At 7pm last night the doc started his stream and straight away the platform fell over, the sheer amount of people must have been like a ddos attack! :)

Within fifteen minutes however twitch sorted out their end, probably did some damage limitation on their firewall and then the stream kicked in, new intro graphics of the neon tubing from his logo (super 80’s and retro wave which is the doc’s signature) and mouse made by deadmau5, talk about coming back with a bang, doc has used the downtime to really jack up the quality.

Like many of the fans of the show I really didn’t know how the first stream would go what with the sudden departure regarding his infidelity with his wife, I’m presuming they are working through the situation and that they are able to work things out on both sides.

The new show graphics and intro were awesome, doc was on form and he totally ace’d his first match, you could tell that he had optimised his machine, setup everything to his liking and was finding his feet again, someone posted a video of his first match which he completely dominated.

At it’s peak somewhere around the order of 374,000k people tuned into to watch the live stream and doing some maths on all the donations and subscriptions I’d say he probably earned around £100k for the eight hour stream from coming back to the twitch platform — if you ever wanted to learn how to do live streaming right, be profitable then you look at how the doc has made his niche programming and learn from his techniques.

What makes the doc stand apart from his obvious niche 80’s inspired ‘character’ on the show is his ability to wield all his studio resources at ease, you could see he was super pumped to show off his new graphics, have everything like he wants it and he seemed fresh faced and ready to go.

During the show last night he had a range of donations from $5 all the way up to $5000 confirmed donations sent in, if you take a small percentage of the watchers you can do the maths and work out an average from that of what each show might be bringing in — no wonder he won two awards last year as part of the gaming awards for the best live streamer.

It’s kinda shocking to me that amazon still has not ‘invested’ in twitch on a hardware level, that they can’t deal with the ‘engineering’ needed for a big event like the dr returning and it does not bode well for live streaming to be able to handle bigger numbers.

twitch really needs to do some work to grow the numbers side of the business which means more investment in better firewall equipment, deep packet inspection filtering and management and better redundancy tools for the higher end streamers which will emerge in the years to come.

p.s -- follow the other 105 people taking the 'how to be like the doc' skillshare course -- -- and become a legend in your own right.

p.p.p.s -- he CRUSHED the concurrent viewers -- -- DrDisrespect's return stream broke 387,000 concurrent viewers, surpassing Tyler1's 382,000 concurrents to set a new mark for an individual streamer on Twitch.

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