Unpacking the broken twitch site for doc’s return, the dr disrespect figurine + the smart boom.tv hypernet arena!

2년 전

I picked up on three interesting areas last night while watching the stream, we both sat in bed with gin (easy on the tonic) and had dips and crisps, this was our super bowl moment, not that other thing that happened the day before, now that I think about it, perfect timing to do it after that, momentum — the doc has always had that right!

I could really see the amount of work that the doc has been putting to his virtual set and he could not wait to ‘show it’ off — I understand that feeling when you make something personal like that, describe the touches so you notice, so it invokes a connection, brings the viewer in but also changes it up so he’s not just a dude sitting in a chair playing a game.

When your a live streamer for eight hours like he was nearly yesterday you have to mix it up, different games, cutscenes, discussion, speaking to the remote audience, giving people updates, asking for followers — it’s a whole process and it was good to see doc who takes that shit seriously up his game again.

if I was to guess it was driving him CRAZY that he never got around to doing the changes that he wanted to do while he was so busy actually streaming that he never got around to making the corrections he wanted to do, improving the graphics, nailing down the sponsors, getting his setup sorted out.

He used the time of extremely wisely if you ask me to set himself up for 2018 and here is what else I noticed from last night below. ..


At 7pm GMT I like thousands more around the globe tried to tune into the doc, after all this was a big return and people had missed him and genuinely I believe wanted the best for him and his relationship with his wife, the fact that he took two months out to find a footing speaks volumes to me of a business man, a husband and someone that is accepting that he fucked up, he’s got a lot of work to do to win back her trust for sure but if he can and if he can keep it in his pants then he has a perfect team to really move numbers in 2018.

Twitch has handled larger concurrent previously without any issues, including more than 1.1 million concurrents during its coverage of E3 2017

Even thou the doc at his peak had 370k and broke records it appears that the api, chat and other things were broken when the doc appeared at 7pm — this could be down to a number of things, script kiddies ddosing the site so to take some steem out of the planned appearance.

or just that the amount of people coming at the very same time was seen as a ddos attack on the twitch.tv end, either way, for them to sort things out in fifteen minutes was fantastic I have to say as someone first hand who had similar ddos attack on a 47u rack unit when I had my own GSP a decade ago (yes, that happened)

Personally it could have been a combination of issues, ones that I’m sure that twitch will be monitoring for some time. The engineers really love real active case studies like that so they can scale up, firewall filter, spin up instances and just generally improve it for both the streamer and the viewers.

If I was the doc I would have put up a coming soon live stream countdown timer and fired up the stream, at least this way people can talk in the chat and gradually people come in over time, randomise the timer every day, this way people literally (trickle, trickle) come in over time instead of all at once.

some people will wanna get in at zero hour of the stream going live and some, over time will just come as and when, as long as you say you will go live within 5/30 minutes of when your stream goes up, might be useful as a backup redundancy over time or at least until the heat of the ‘newness’ of being back goes away.

I would suggest he get around half to 3/4 of the traffic that he got last night tonight, but who knows, the internet is weird, maybe the articles and beef he’s got going on with other streamers will prop things up for him.

FROM 11 VIEWS to 57k OR making figurines for a living!

It was like any other in stream moment, a guy called Tokyo Joe that has 713 followers on youtube as of writing and that only had 11 views on his video went from nobody to someone in the blink of an eye once he got a tweet and some airtime from the doc live on his stream of 370k plus of viewers.

today, that same video (posted below) has 51,618 views and 770 comments, that’s audience development right there with this slickly produced video and winner ideal that spoke to the hearts of the slick daddy club (ahem, I mean champions club right) and I’m presuming setting this guy up for a busy year making figurines.

And that’s the different people about the evolution of streaming media, forget everything you know about marketing and social media — building the audience from regular output from a live stream portal when you have all the elements you need to drive audience means that you can be offline like the doc for two months, come back, smash a record, have nearly 100k income (probably) for his eight hour stream and in the same breath give someone an audience indirectly on youtube and twitter all from taking the time to make a figure that looks like dr disrespect — power move people, power move.

digging into the hypernet arena and the bigger picture

I’ve been taking a bit of a look at the revamped http://boom.tv/live gaming hypernet over on boom, seems he is well and truly in with boom, consultant or maybe putting a bit of a cash injection into that, who knows but the items is certainly getting polished up, made more stable.

the gamification side is improving and they ‘coins’ side is interesting, especially that the pricing point is low for addons like $5 for 5000 points payable by PayPal — that’s an interesting side revenue stream, one put in just in case the return flopped maybe? Who can say, either way — people have been busy and I see where it’s heading, smart moves for the dr and boom.

They should hire me as blogger and writer thou to add to their business model because they need more brand advocates to tell their story here, I do hope when this account is discovered the doc will see the benefit of being on the steem social blockchain.

we can bring over some of his 370k viewing audience, after all, if his audience did’nt need to use FIAT and instead used their voting power and comments to afford their prime payments and donations who would not want that — the doc on a blockchain, it’s the future and hypernet as an SMT would be perfect ;)

Either way, hypernet has also noticed the HQ model of daily money giveaways and if you think about it the DR is the gateway drug for that, makes sense too that hypernet/boom can set a runway figure of money they are giving away while they get income coming in to support the development of the software and any other ideas that the doc has while he’s streaming and thinking about the future gaming landscape — I certainly hope he brings back the VR when the technology is better because I really thought that was interesting.

That’s it for me! Four hours until the doc streams! :)


p.s -- follow the other 105 people taking the 'how to be like the doc' skillshare course -- http://skl.sh/2n731SX -- and become a legend in your own right.

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