KnotNatural: Dreadlock Installation & Extension

24일 전

Installing 10 dreadlocks with extensions using back combing & a 0.6mm crochet hook.

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Hi, you might find you get a bit more attention if you write a bit more on your posts with a little bit more about what it's about (and make it clear that it is your video - I know it is, as I followed the links - but make it explicit).


Thanks for the advice, all the videos I post are mine or my Dads. People should not be allowed to post others content, but I have no control over that. Those offenders should have to "make it clear" the video they offer is not their own. A person in the right should not have to proclaim it or defend it as it will stand on its own. Not sure I got my point across properly but the onus is not on me to show that my content is mine. I may not be attracting the masses either but thats ok, Ill stop posting links in your posts where you ask for links.