Magical Flying Shoes ~ Deer Medicine

3개월 전

I am having such a great time in my dreams,
as they continue to become more and more lucid and vivid!
In the "waking state", the veil is getting more and more thin,
and our intuition sharpens,
in the process of us awakening deeper
into our multi-dimensional nature and the unity consciousness.
I can definitely feel the theme of the CLARITY unraveling in 2020.

A couple days ago I was sharing through social media with my special dream that I just had...
I dreamt that someone gave me the magic shoes! They had an attached cable and a battery pack that I could attach to my belt or arm. When I would put them on, I was able to fly! I was able to be really focused and in control of my flight. This experience was giving me such a deep feeling of joy, lifting off, defying gravity and soaring in freedom with such great accuracy! At one point as I was flying, I noticed a very happy dog below wanting to interact with me. I was lowering down and few times we did high fives in the air;p Then other people could attach to my legs, and I was giving them rides.
For me above other reflections that was also a connection to my healing process around leg injuries. This vision was expanding me beyond my limitations.


As I was sharing with this story, I attached to it this picture with a deer that I found on the internet. (artists unknown)

The next day I am going for a very long walk in nature, and something caught my eye.
I found a deer leg with a hoof!! This time I just left it there, and at one point my intuition was telling me to explore this small wash nearby.
I kept getting a strong message that I should go back to find this leg, using it as a magical object connecting me deeper with deer medicine, and creating an altar with it in the desert, closer to where I live.
So today I am going back to get it, and this time I brought some tobacco offering. After I got to it, I decided to follow my intuition and checking out this other wash. I found there another deer leg!!!


This is leg is from another bigger deer.
It looks like both of them got eaten by coyotes,
How crazy is this, to find two deer legs at the same timing,
at two different spots!!
I am pretty sure now that these are my "magic shoes" from my dream!!!;)
That’s a nice confirmation to me. Nature is speaking to me very clearly,
to work with the deer medicine at this time to create some magic,
and to amplify the vision of my body getting healed,
in my journey of learning how to be more gentle with myself!🙂

Walking back, I was reflecting on the wicked sense of humor of the Universe.
I was trying to look "normal" carrying two deer legs in a trash bag.
The first person passing me by asked:
"did you see any deer"??;p

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