I was dreaming in my dream

2년 전

Have you ever waken up from a dream thinking that you are back to the real world, then later woke up again and realized that you were still in another dream in reality?

That was what happened to me last night.

Now the question is ... Am I still in a dream and can wake up any moment to another “real” world? :-)

I have been reading history books and watching TV documentaries of historical events. Such activities are more or less like time traveling for my mind when I am awake.

At night, my brain was probably trying to process all the information gathered in my mind from the day, and created a hierarchy of dreams.

Just a thought ...



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I have done that. I had a lucid dream i was in my bed and then went back to sleep in the dream and i got 2x deeper! If you go to sleep in a dream in a dream in a dream u will never wake up! There is a limit! This is a dream, but it actually is a simulation. U r on other side and the matrix creates this dream from u subconscious! Or anyway that’s my reality! I chose this place for the time being! lol Read the art if dreaming, all the Don Juan books help lucid dreaming! I became a lucid dreaming pro and figured out how to time travel! I’ve been everywhere and seen everything!


Been to the IMH also ?


Wow ... can you go anywhere in the past and in the future at any time? If not, what is your limitation?


You can, your only limitation is your mind. For instance to see the future I will dream of watching a movie I haven't seen that I know is coming out! Or listen to a cd in my dream while lucid and I will hear hit new music! Sometimes I can remember the beat ir hook as i wake up and think wow I could bring this over and be a megastar! lol but then the memories will be fleeting unless you write the dreams down regularly! Also do reality checks, look at tour hands a few times a day and ask yourself if your dreaming. Eventually you will not realize u are dreaming and do the reality check and instantly feel jacked in when you realize you are dreaming! So if you want to see the past dream about watching an old movie! Also you can dream about your computer and go online and do google searches! It’s the bomb! Sometimes the two worlds would collide and i would access my real server and update it from my dream! Once there was data that transferred, i was amazed! It could have been a coincidence, but i kept having dreams about connecting to the wifi!