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In the morning, we got out of the private and took the phone to see the 15 missiles! Among them, the number came from Abu number 4, Mom 6 and the rest gave five friends. Why do not we know the inside of the chest shaking. Someone did not have anything at home? Appropriate message in message box "Income from home as quickly as possible"
Suddenly what happened! Last evening I came from the house. Everyone was well. I did not receive a phone call from my phone. The inner fear started to be intense and strong. I did not get anyone on the phone and left for home. Water is coming out of the eyes, no one is afraid of unknown. Suddenly the phone started. To receive the phone, he said, "Where are you?"

  • It's coming. What happened
  • Find out the income at home. At the time of coming, some of the Bellyfalera garland, rose and juice of Ashes.
  • Flowers! What are you saying?
    You do not have to know so much, that's what I said. Put it now Lots of work to hand The phone kept stealthily.
    Nahh, there was nothing to fear that I was scared. But what is happening at home! I know everything is kind of confusing.
    I went home to buy some of my favorite flowers without any thought. I saw Elahi shoots in front of the house! The whole house lighting, a large gate next to it has been arranged. Many people in front of the house, everyone knows me, but I do not know why I can not recognize. It looks like marriage. But who is married! In my house there is no one else worthy of unmarried marriage except me. This is a couple of days ago the marriage of Sage Apu. So what is the story!
    If you do not get inside the house, you will not get any answers. Going inside the house, a neighbor said to the grandmother, "Come to the bride's bridegroom" I read from the sky! Marriage bride? I am are you mad!!
    Apu came to me and ran to me and said in your room that I am coming. When I go home seriously, I see two women sitting in the room, I know them well. They worked at parlor. There is a lot of things on the bed with sari bangles. They know how they feel. I'm sweating What is going on with me! Apu came to me in the room and said to me, "You are married today, the greeners will come in the evening, so there is no holidays, so green will leave Singapore next week for 15 days.
    Apu said a breath in the words. I heard tashaki again! I said unaware of myself - green !!
  • Green green. Why everything is already seen. I told you You went to Dhaka last week, all of your family members saw you. And you're talking about greenery. This is so green said.
    I'm doing mango! What's going on? Green did not say anything to me. I do not even talk to him about me. But last night he called. What did you say! I was not asleep now. Oops! Green is working in a very good post of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the younger family is the only son of her father. Through her family, she wants to marry her in the past one month before marrying her identity. But he did not say so much in this month! Suddenly, what happened was that marriage was not enough. At least I could say once. You have news about green kids. When I was washing my clothes for thirty-four times, I said to myself,
  • What is the ray? So what's the idea?
  • No, nothing. I got married now and I know now!
  • Do not tell me once.
  • did not say green. Have you ever talked about it, and you want to give a surprise ...
  • Stay there, I think it's a surprise! Green baby, once you get married, make life a surprise by eating it.
    Listen, you're not a redie. I have work. Gelam.
    I'm pretty happy to feel angry at the top. Oh, I wish to sing in the air in the air of joy. Say my marriage Regardless of the green yellow, the family wanted to get married accordingly, so there is no headache. But this happiness can not be expressed. So the problem.
    It's evening. The party has come. The whole house shouted I am no longer as well as he Kazi Sahib started to get married. Kazi Sahib says, "Ball mother confess" I heard the voice of my roommate just "Um will not go to private"? Seven o'clock, get up I got up and started rooting. Oh, I was dreaming so long !! I said to wash the roommate three hundred and thirty times the clothes, the postal only after the acknowledgment of the call. My marriage is aaaaa!
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