Only Rich Men Ski

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After recording the dreams, I am just lying here awake and thinking of M whose braids are very long now. She is wearing them in four long ropes like the original dream in which these wrapped around C and I could not cut them apart. And, last night I saw how she had posted a Russian decapitation post the very night I (EYE) had the dream of the three heads bobbing face down in the shallow, metal sink!

If I have any real connection (I do) to this unfolding story it is Biblical in nature to those bizarre dreams that make up the book of Revelations and then I think there are those Christians, I seem to remember, a branch off of Pentecostal(?) who do not believe in, or read the book of Revelations though it sits right there in the end of their Bibles—or at least most Bibles?

I thought of a poem in hypnopompic, Jesus and Angel (On-hell) in Spanish, because these people freely name kids sacred names with no apology.

Jesus (Hay-soos), who in 7th grade health-class would press the pink eraser end of his pencil into the side of my tender and just grown boob. I wore the tightest t-shirts I could find to show off the new swelling and I guess because I didn’t grab and break his pencil that first time, (because it did send a pleasant shock through my armpit, down the side of my body and into my underpants), it happened more and more until it became annoying.

But, when I finally did raise my hand and make a stink, the fat teacher (teaching Health of all subjects, I thought she ought to be fired!) just for that, turned on me. Said that I was in the middle of trouble wherever it went, and I became the aim of all of her blame as if this little, Mexican boy named Jesus could ever be at fault! After all, I was the intelligent, tall, white girl, bred to example and peace-make.

He shrugged and didn’t seem to mind a bit her referencing him as inept, incapable, just a boy that meant nothing, but had to be there for the vision of equalities sake.

And, I had the nightmares then and I still have them now.

At some point, the Lamanites will become the chosen, bloom like their red roses, that's what my church said, but for now they are being corralled and caged, killed by drug lords and their own cops and a white man with a butt-hole mouth builds his walls of force so that today my Mexican high school students ask,

“But now who will clean the hotels and do dishes at restaurants?”

And, that is the top of any mountain Christian, (his name), has ever seen to dream!

Photo Credit: Guillaume Groult/unsplash

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Can't tell if that is the hill of Shim, Ramah, or Cumorah, so don't quite know which club to join (the Jaredites, Nephites or just the Mexicans) if I am to get some good snow this year, but I must say I'm quite startled to discover - doing some ski-holiday research in your neck of the hills) there is a Laban quite essential to the making of the Book of Mormon who is otherwise not much featured in my Bible. All the more so in There Comes A Time (referred to - ever so endearingly for his affability, but also a bit in awe of his genius - as a Zeus too large for his temple).
We are wealthier than we might have thought.
Time to book a skiing holiday. (Laban does break a leg skiing in the Book There Comes....).

I think the term “ski bum” would negate any truth to the title... LOL :-D


Yes, I suppose so, but gone are the days of $25 all-day Alta, Saturday, lift tickets.
Sometimes the bums win!


True. Pretty nuts that day tickets at Whistler are like $200 now!

I guess that’s why they’re ski bums... all their wages (if they don’t work at the mountain) are going to pay for their season passes! Haha. That and the outrageous cost of living in resort towns. Although there are more remote mountains and towns that aren’t as steep...


Two hundred! Yikes. Was $9 at Sundance when I was a kid.
I haven't been for a handful of years now :( Sad because watching the video yesterday I felt the urge to fly down the mountain! Started surfing here on the coast and very excited that there are no lift tickets to buy, but I've not been surfing in awhile either. Guess I'll have to start again. I do take the boogie board out every now and again (much like sledding) because it's very easy to throw in the car and I don't go out as far on my own.