Hi! This is me. And my dreams are...

5년 전

The more time I spend here on steem the more exited I am to get started myself. So here it is, my first post! My name is Marcel. I'm 32 years old and I live in The Netherlands.

This is a picture of me during my last visit to New York. Amazing place. Really love it!

I really like traveling but I have to admit im doing it way less then I really want to because sometimes I'm stuck living in my comfort bubble. Or I just feel like I am to exhausted from work to do anything. Most of the times I end up traveling about once a year. Which I hope to increase a lot in the near future!

So I like traveling. What else? Some of my other interests are the cryptocurrency world and making video's.  I have been interested in bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world for a long time now. Maybe I will post more about this later. The video's I make are mainly for hobby and are nothing special. Maybe one day I will up my video making/editing skills and post some interesting travel video's on youtube but it is not really a priority. :P

What are my dreams?

Escaping the 9-5 ratrace!
To live in a more nature rich environement
To travel more

Those are the tree biggest dreams I have at the moment. I am really looking forward to the day I have enough online income to quit my job. And this would then give me the option to fulfill my other dreams a lot easier! 

What blogposts can you expect from me?

My main focus right now is to build enough online (passive) income so I can quit my job. If this comes into reality I will be making blogpost about this process.

My biggest dream after that is living/spending more time in nature. I plan to buy a camper to live in it for a while. Just to try it out and see if it really is something for me to live in it long term. If I like this (which I'm almost certain I will) I will explore a few places I can stay at. And after that plan some trips with it. I might even sell my appartment. Building  an (off-grid) house to live in is also something I'm thinking about but that is more for later maybe. So look forward to see me posting about this whole crazy experience! If this all fails then at least I have some interesting story to tell I guess haha.

These things might still take a few months to work out but who knows. If steem takes off it might give me the final financial push to do it sooner. :P

Those are the biggest things I can think of right now. But of course I have much more to share. Ok bye now :)

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Hey @mender welcome to steemit. I do hope your dreams come true. In fact we have a lot of dreams in common and I am happy to say that I have recently quit my 9 to 5 to focus on building a passive income. It has not been long but I am happy that I took the first step atleast. I do travel a lot and have covered most of Europe. Looking forward to your posts and to that camper van :)


Oh thank you so much! Congrats on your achievement! Going to check your blogposts now. And I followed! :)

Welcome to Steemit! Upvoted & followed... please follow me too :)

Welcome to steemit :)See you around

Hello, welcome to Steemit :)

I have only been here for about a week but it feels like a lot longer. There is definitely the potential to realize your dreams here - it just takes time and patience. Sometimes a really good boost from a friend to get the ball rolling and you can continue the momentum. I am working on the patience part...lol. It's pretty exciting to see the results that some people have and work towards something like the same. Investing your time really pays off here.


Thank you! I am really amazed by the amount of positive support! I'm glad I made the first step

Welcome to steemit Mender ..Happy steeming..followed & upvoted

Welcome to steemit! Send us photos of your camper :)


Thanks! I sure will!

Welcome to Steem @mender I have sent you a tip

Welcome to the community !!

Wish your dreams come true ! Upvoted !!



Thanks! :)

Welcome aboard, Marcel! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek

Hey, im just letting you know ive got a free giveaway on my page if you want to get involved :) @sydneyboy

Welcome onboard Marcel! Make your dreams a reality! Good luck with everything!


Thank you! :)

Welcome aboard, Marcel! You're going to love it here on Steemit.


Thank you... I already do! :D

hi. Welcome to steem it


thanks :)

Hey, saw you upvoted my recent post and I wanted to stop by here to say thank you and that I appreciate it. Read your post here. I was in love with the tiny home or nomadic lifestyle for a while but our roots are too planted here for now. And having two boys wouldn't fit very well in a small space :-) Best of luck getting your online income setup and beyond!

Nice to meet you, Marcel! My name is Elena, I'm from Ukraine. With interest I read your article. I wish you every success in making your plans come true! Get out of the main job and be closer to nature - it's really beautiful !!!


Thanks. Nice to meet you as well!