"In Her Element" - an oil painting

3년 전

So I am calling this one finished. I admit having spent an inordinate amount of time on this one; it is a small format.

Part of painting is finding a way to include in a composition the things we love to render: water drops on a spider web, a lovely huggable little girl, a dandelion. Color contrasts. Space. Flowers.


Hope you enjoyed the post.

My website: www.kathleenscarboro.fr

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This is really a great work. It is really a very interesting combination.

Take a look at your website, and I must say that I have been surprised by the beautiful murals you painted.


Thank you. Murals were a huge part of my life for a long time - in the U.S. and in France.

What a gorgeous and very detailed work! Fantastic job, Kathleen!


Thank you; so glad you like it.

Wow Kathleen! This one is my favorite!

That girl looks so happy and playful. She's having so much fun! I love the water drops all over her face. Her cheeks have such a nice color. And I like the shape of her mouth and those tiny teeth.

All these flowers are beautiful. You chose them perfectly. All colors fit nicely and those different shapes makes up a lovely background.

I know I told you already but you are very talented. I do love your artworks!

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!


Thank you @delishtreats. I always feel unsure of myself when I finish a painting and it is very reassuring to read your comment.

That girl reminds me of an indigenous woman in the Amazon, she's beautiful. I like the lights and the delicacy of the flowers.
You have my vote...
Greetings from Venezuela...


Thank you @carmesi, she is a little girl from India, but could be from any number of places.

This is so fascinating!! I love how your drawing is filled with so many details, it makes it look more realistic

Look at how cute and cheerful the girl looks. This isn't just a product of your imagination, is it? Probably a cutie you came across?

Those designs and the color you chose took it up a notch, you are a bundle of talent. How long did it take you to get this done?

I love the water dripping from her face and her facial expression too, it looks so candid and cute...

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Amazing work! The vibrant colors makes it a beautiful work!


Thank you @akarantain; comments like yours make my efforts worthwhile.

Hi kathleenscarboro,

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Thank you @curie. Much appreciated!

The finished painting is very lovely, Kathleen. I love the way you created your oil paintings, you have a very distinctive way of blending imagery, colours, and shapes into something beautiful.
Congratulations for your curie vote. This art certainly deserves all the love it can get :).


Thank you @scrawly - glad you enjoyed it. Our childhood is still present in all of us, isn't it.

I admit having spent an inordinate amount of time on this one; it is a small format.

Admitting that already speaks a lot about what kind of artists you are. And I can tell you are passionate about your work and keen on the details. Some artists are a bit shy about the amount of time they spent working on a piece. I think it has something to do with a stereotype that experts do basic things so fast and novices take up a lot of time.

There's that thought prevalent from where I come from anyway. I don't know if there are other versions of how that thought is expressed in other countries. This work was work the countless hours you spent.

Coloring was never my strength so I can appreciate artists that do gorgeous work with colors. :D


Thank you kindly, @adamada, for your thoughtful comment. Color is interesting on its own - I myself was weak at it years ago before buying a book by Johannes Itten and doing some of the color exercises. It was enlightening. I also keep a color file of paintings that interest me only for their color harmony and use them for inspiration

Beautiful painting, you have everything in it, little girl who is enjoying swimming, but the surrounding look like in fantasy world, very colorful, geometric figures, plants different colors and shapes. You have organized in well balanced composition everything centered to little girl. Nice smooth use of colors, it was worth to spend much time while working on this painting.


Thank you @stef1 for your thoughtful and insightful comment.

That's a really cool painting. Such vibrant sections of color and a great over all picture to it. It really stands out on the page.


Thank you so much @niallon11, glad you discovered my work.

Howdy from Texas kathleenscarboro! Wow this is a very unusual painting and so refreshing! I've never seen a painting with a scene like this with also flowers, a spider web with water drops, a dandelion, and it all works. The colors are wonderful. Great job.

Do you mix unusual elements in all your paintings?


Hello @janton, yes I take a collage approach to composition and enjoy juxtaposing elements within a painting. Thank you for your kind words.


well you're very gifted and you're welcome!

I love the colours @kathleenscarboro and the girl is sooo cute and happy! Love the flowers and the water painting too :)


Thank you @marblely, your support is much appreciated.


:) Happy Sunday @kathleenscarboro.

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Thank you - wishing you the same.

You're a great artist, I like this. The girl was very funny but great. I feel a lot of spirituality in your work, the flowers give me a lot of peace.

Congratulations and my greetings to you.


Thank you @fernando.lubezki for your kind comment - yes spirituality and nature are very important to me.