Anonymous painting of a female artist in the 1600's

3년 전

It is a first for me to post something on Steemit that is not my personal work. However this week I went to the Petit Palais museum in Paris, France, and came upon this charming little picture of a woman painting.

Nowadays it is not unusual for a woman to pick up the paintbrush and express herself. Such was not the case in the past. There are VERY few female painters in the art history of the preceding centuries. It was reassuring to find this painting and realize that they were there although their work was not often preserved and there were undoubtedly some who worked under masculine names or as assistants.

This is a Dutch painting, anonymous, from the 1600's. I wonder who she was, if she was from a family of painters, what her paintings looked like, whether she signed them, and where they ended up...

Thanks for checking out this post. Hope you enjoyed it.

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I love paintings of women artist, always so enticing, especially for we women artists. This is a lovely one.
I cannot wait until I can make time for a quick jaunt to Paris for art viewing. Maybe I could make it a 'steemit meetup' somehow?! I know @reinhard-schmid said he was going to Paris for an exhibit or some such?


Sure, we could meet in Paris! I am often in Normandy, and planning trips to London and Switzerland, but we can work around that. When would you like to come? I will be in London from the 8th to the 10th of Nov, and Switzerland will be early Dec. My own show opens the 7th of Jan if you would like to attend the vernissage.

I take comfort in how civilization has advanced over the centuries. It's still got issues, but artworks like this put it into perspective.

Oh yeah, definitely give @artisteem a look.


Yes, things have gotten better, especially for women, even if there is still progress to be made. I checked out artisteem but need to look at it more closely. Can you participate by just mentioning their tag in a post?


As far as I know, yes. Just make sure your entry actually matches the theme they are looking for. They have a Discord channel as well.


Oh O.K. I will wait for a painting contest then. Thank you.

looks like it was painted after a detail from a Vermeer painting. I am not convinced about the colors (which could be a aging problem also). The brushwork is competently handled - what it looked like at the time one can only guess. Had it been cropped? We would not know.


Yes and I wonder who she was...

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