Babuji - an oil painting

3년 전

Although I never physically met this amazing man, I read and heard so much about him that I felt he was part of my life.

He was called Babuji, and he dedicated his life to the spiritual well being of humanity. I discovered India after his death in 1983, so the opportunity to actually meet him was lost. But when I painted portraits of him, I felt like I knew him.

"We remain entangled within the snare of Maya, without any hope of emancipation until we divert our attention to the unchanging reality at the root." Babuji

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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beautiful! I think the physical realm is not necessarily the only place to meet, especially with a soul like this! :) <3


You are so right! Thank you.

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Thank you kindly artzone and @nmalove.

Great artwork and also, thanks for the information. I had never heard of Babuji before.

🎉 Congratulations @kathleenscarboro! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.


I definitely like looking at your painting of this man. His face speaks a lot of emotions, and reading your writing, I understand more why you painted him this way. Wonderful.


Thank you @scrawly, he greatly influenced me, and I still think of him often. A grand soul.

He looks like a wise man who is in tune with his spirituality~ Wonderful drawing, @kathleenscarboro <3


Yes, totally in tune. Thank you.

I love that you felt a kinship with him through painting his image. I often feel this way as well when I read old dead writers and if I bring them to life in a drawing, like I have done with Virginia Woolf, it does feel as if you are somehow touching their soul for a moment and if there is life after then maybe an instance of them are quickened and aware of you if just for a fleeting moment.


Yes we are lucky to have this special way to communicate. Thank you.

Stunning artwork. The portrait treatment is very appealing.