From the Hands of Ceres - a downtown mural

3년 전

From the Hands of Ceres; Ode to Will County Farmers
Mural on concrete, 14'H x 68' W 4 x 21 meters

This mural is located on a railroad abutment wall in Joliet, Illinois - a part of the United States where farming is of great importance. In this composition we see the hands of the goddess benevolently distributing grain to the grateful farmers.

Ceres was the Roman goddess of agriculture and grain. She was beloved for her service to mankind, having given them the gift of the harvest - the reward for the cultivation of the soil. Ceres was truly the nurturer of mankind, except when angered in which case she stopped all the plants and crops from growing, causing famine.

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Beautiful mural, Kathleen. What did you feel when it was just finished? ^_^


Thank you @scrawly. I always enjoy seeing the work downtown, walking by, feeling like I made a little difference.


Must be a great feeling. Congratulations, Kathleen :).

Very surreal mural, thanks for sharing, Kathleen!


Thank you - so glad you like it!

You should do a mural next May at Vancouver's Mural Fest!!


I'll have to check it out... thanks.