My paintings in the Chimeria art festival, Sedan, France

3년 전

Chimeria is a biannual art show that takes place in Sedan France. It is an exciting rendez-vous for visionary artists from all points of the globe. It is also a great occasion for the artists to reconnect and socialize a bit. The show is huge and spread over three exhibit venues, including the castle of Sedan. I have heard the castle is haunted, but I must be impervious to ghosts and slept like a baby the one night I spent there...
"Playground of the Gods" oil on canvas

"Persona" oil on canvas

"A Glimmer of Hope" oil on canvas

To see more of the show, you may check out @thermoplastic's photo reportage here:

Hope you enjoyed the post; best to all.

My website:

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Beautiful works, I've seen both his post and I recognize his style in the art he does.

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Thank you @mandolincarls, much appreciated.

nice to have met you there at the opening!
I will have to process my photos (only have the ones from the previous day of installation posted here) - the whole album of the installation is on Flickr but once processed, the opening will be a separate album.
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Yes I am so glad we hooked up. And still have the project to go to Vienna one of these days. I am currently finishing the studio renovation which I am greatly enjoying but has been costly. Next year I would like to make a number of small trips to different destinations in Europe.
Your photo albums of exhibits are valuable to people who can't be at the shows you document.


if you are coming to Vienna, get in touch.
I should be posting the stuff from the opening soon (since coming back, I got sidetracked, also catching up with other stuff I neglected).

You artworks are fascinating! I am in awe!


Thank you @lymepoet, reactions like yours are so encouraging.


I thank you because artworks like yours make me want to learn and paint more!


I hope you are able to paint as much as you like.

Your works truly are amazing. Good luck on the showing , they look beautifully hung.


Thank you @donnadavisart, I was happy with the panel they gave me.

Amazing work!!! ♥♥♥

Congratulations!;) wonderful work!


Thank you @astraeir, I greatly appreciate your support.

Beautiful artwork, Kathleen! And good luck for the festival, I hope you have a great time there! 😃


Thank you @trincowski, I did have a lovely time!

Your paintings look beautiful on the exhibition wall, Kathleen.
I hope you have a lot of fun and success in this festival :).


Dear @scrawly, it was lots of fun. The weather was great and we woke up the sleepy town.

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Wow ! They look spectacular ! The lighting and backdrop really shows off your wonderful colours well, @kathleenscarboro ! And I am glad that you got to meet up with Otto :) Both of you are super talented ! * ___ *


Thank you @veryspider. Otto is such a talented painter and his role in gathering painters together is beneficial to us all.

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I guess the ghosts from the castle nearby had a lot of fun...