Remember The Forgotten.

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Remember The Forgotten.

Sooo.. I got asked to do a post using the word commemorate by @thehive @snook & @jackmiller here goes.

Commemorate: to call to remembrance.

When most people think about people that are serving in the military or have served, or lost their lives serving, they only do so on certain days of the year. IMO people should try to remember Veterans and Members of the Armed Services more than that. Why is that you ask?

Well there are literally tens of thousands homeless Veterans in the US that need help, and most likely a lot more worldwide. There are lots of contributing factors as to why some Veterans wind up homeless, from mental illness to unemployment and more. We must do more to keep this from happening. These people are forgotten most of the year, and it shouldn't be so.

Here are some links to some statistics if you would like to take a peek:

Homeless Veterans By State
Homeless Veterans Facts

Homeless Veterans should not even be an issue, however it is. If a Veteran served honorably and is in need of a home, then they should have it without cost. You would figure that Big Gov't would have their back, seeing as how many were off fighting OPW, but that is not the case at all. With the Trillions that are spent each year by Gov't, a small chunk of that should go to helping those that served to get them back on their feet.

I am not going to preach to you about this in a long post format, however if you are so inclined, I would ask that you do what you can for your fellow countrymen in need. Here are some links to get you going in the right direction:

Help For Homeless Vets
Veterans Non-Profits
Veterans Advantage

While you are out doing all of your summer activities, take a minute and remember those that are forgotten. And let us commemorate the forgotten daily.

I suppose thanks are in order... so thank you @thehive @snook & @jackmiller! And this bitmoji is for you @jackmiller... you're welcome! :-D

I was asked to make a post this week for:

The word of the week from the Buddy Up community is Commemorate.
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A show is hosted in the Buddy Up server and the posts created for the word of the week are presented. The show typically lasts for one hour. ~@thehive

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No one but you is going to understand this Bitmoji but I'm going to post it anyway :D

Thank You for talking about something that is so important to so many.



Ahahahahahaha!! :-D Awesome.


This is a wonderful post. Thank you for writing and posting it! :)


Thanks for stopping by for a read. :-) Have an awesome day!

There are way too many homeless and struggling Veterans around the globe and I totally agree with you, the countries that they served should be taking better care of them, there shouldn't be a single homeless Veteran in any country. God bless the Veterans.
God bless you. :D Have an awesome day! :D


Thanks for reading ;-) I concur! Shame how Vets get treated... damned shame really. Have an awesome day as well. :D


It was my pleasure. :D It is, there is no way a new immigrant or refuge should get more benefits than a Veteran that served their country, its just not right. :D