Knock Knock

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What was your last opportunity? Hard to say right? They present themselves constantly. I used to be that person who saw no opportunity for myself. Looking back, I can’t believe I was so blind! How did I not see them? I was an unknown participant none the less.

OPPORTUNITY is often thought of as a positive event presenting itself to you. Don’t get me wrong, it is. But it’s not always that new job, new relationship or new home. Lately, for me, the opportunities are personal growth opportunities.

For instance, I’m having troubles with a neighbor. Not just a little trouble. She has bullied and threatened my children twice in two years. Of course, we all know what happens when you poke the Mama Bear. My first reaction was pure rage.

Which, when dealing with a psychological bully, did not help. I only gave her more fuel for her hate.

As the tension has increased between our two households, I have been pressed to find some sort of resolve.

This conflict has presented an opportunity to my family.

An opportunity to show kindness & empathy for a suffering human. No one is this angry for no reason. She has been our neighbor for 12 years. Hell, we used to be friends! But over the years, I have watched her suffering increase. She is now morbidly obese, the loud arguments with her husband easily heard inside my home and I cannot recall the last time a saw a smile in their yard.

Misery loves company. She is miserable, and is being so kind as to try to share it with my family.

So, I am taking this opportunity to empathize with her pain. Instead of battling her insanity, I will show love. It is not easy. The sight of her sends my mommy instincts into overdrive instantly! Instead, we will just ask how we can be of service. When she storms over to MY house to retrieve HER cat from my porch and yell at us for having a cat... I will just smile & not react to the ridiculousness.

It is a great opportunity.


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This was awesome @pretty.dorky I can definitely relate... my neighbor isn't neighbor of the year either, and aside from a little cat problem we had, I've always just tried to put a smile on my face and be nice, as hard as that was. Luckily for me, she never messed with my son and was always very gracious toward him. I love that you're taking this opportunity to grow and teach your children as well... we need more of that in the world.


Thx Mon! We really do need more growth in the awareness arena. So easy to let our egos get outta control and make things worse. 💛

That sucks, bad neighbours are the worst. I agree with your approach though, it is best to keep your side clean.

Is this similar to killing with kindness?

When the cops enquire then the other neighbours will say that you have only been kind to her and that it is very unfortunate, hope they catch the killer.


Kill them with kindness... absolutely! 😉

An opportunity to show kindness & empathy for a suffering human. No one is this angry for no reason.

you know.... that's the heart of it.
it takes a lot of compassion to do this! and for you to exemplify this in front of your kids..... it will be powerful.

sorry that you're going through it - but wonderful lesson for your kids - you're a good mommy!!!


😊 thx Dreem! I do try.

Wow you have an amazing perspective on this situation. You're right, positive energy can do wonders, I hope she starts to feel better. At the very least, I hope you'll be uplifted instead of wanting to deck her! Good luck, love to you and your children.


Oh the thoughts of revenge that have gone through my mind are... unspeakable! Lol 🙊 Thankful I have enough self control to remain peaceful! 😄 thx Leigh!

It’s horrible having a bad relationship with your neighbor :(


Ya, it sucks! Especially cuz we used to be friendly. Now there is this dark energy between us... no bueno 😕


Yea that makes it even worse ... sorry :(

That’s too bad, these types of situations are hard, there may never be any resolution but obviously you’ve taken the right approach. We actually moved once due to bad neighbors, sold the house and everything, had them on both sides


Oh wow! That’s awful. We are most likely moving this year, so that gives me a little relief knowing that dealing with her has an end in sight. Let’s hope the new neighbors are awesome!

These opportunities are the hardest to notice/ recognise. It takes a lot of awareness and love, and much courage to stick to kindness.

It is acts like this that makes a difference in the world, especially in how your children learn.

I hope your neighbour finds that part of her she seems to be missing so dearly


I hope she does too 💛

Being the bigger person is always hard but rewarding in the end... compassion is a great thing to have for someone that is hurting :) great post!


Thx Andy! 😀

I too have had my share of neighbor issues. We solved ours by building the little brother to the Great Wall of China 😉.

I think your solution is perfect. Maybe she needs to see just a little love in the world to help her world take a turn for the better.

And what a teachable moment for you children, they will end up the greater victors through this all.

Sending you love and patience!


Ha! Build the wall! 🔨 Thx for the extra patience, I’ll need it. 😉

it's so beautifully written Dorky.
"An opportunity to show kindness & empathy for a suffering human." I guess, it's coming down to really see that her (or anyones ) behaviour is really not something to take personally, but it's their own pain and their own attempt to express somehow in the hope to find peace somehow.

Yeah, we had some trouble with a neighbour, so we moved 4000 kms away. No more trouble with him.