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Expressing our creativity is one of the most powerful things our minds can do. It opens pathways to new perspectives, new possibilities & creates a bliss in us that is ✨magic✨.

To be truly creative, our minds must be open to new ideas, new connections, new solutions.

Some of us are born with more natural creative genius than others. But experts agree that every human can nurture this beauty within us to be the best in our respective fields.

We must expose our minds to new ideas often. Not letting ourselves get into a rut of thinking we KNOW what we know.

Sadly, it seems the majority of humans are not expressing themselves in any creative way.

Maybe they are scared to express this creativity for fear of being judged & not fitting in. guilty

Maybe they don’t even realize it’s missing from their day to day lives?

Maybe they are stuck on the definition of what creativity is? I think I fall into this trap also. We think we must be the most talented artist, the best writer, a skilled craftsman to express ourselves. The truth is, we can express our creativity in EVERYTHING we do! It’s waiting to show itself in your cooking, the way you manage a team at work, the way you speak to your children, or fur babies. Maybe it’s the clothes you wear, or your garden. Creativity surrounds us if we let it.

I can only speak for American society here. I truly believe our creativity begins it’s decline the moment we enter public schools. Teaching children WHAT to think instead of HOW to think. Teaching them facts to pass a bubble test for government funding that become meaningless as soon as the test is taken.

There is a lack of depth, relativity & passion in this education. One of the reasons we choose to homeschool our children now. After 4 years in public schools I could see the creative lights dimming.

Critical thinking and creativity are paramount to our progress on this planet. We must strive to nurture it in ourselves and each other.

This is one of the things I love about the Steemit community as a whole and the #buddyup group specifically. There is so much support to express yourself in any way you are inspired to do! We have artists, writers, designers, moms, dads... even some crazy lady that plays with LEGO’s. All expressing themselves at different skill levels, but expressing none the less.


People are being lifted up and celebrated for their efforts. This is so important! Especially when we are trying a new expression. To have a community that says “we see you, we see your efforts & your ideas matter”. We need more of that on this planet. The best way to have more of that is to create it yourself.

So, next time a friend or even a complete stranger is using that big ol’ brain for something new and out of the box. Celebrate them! There is no time for us to bring each other down. We must unlock the powers this universe gave us, and we must do it together.

Now please excuse me... my LEGO’s are calling.


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Love this message @pretty.dorky. I have also discovered my own creativity since using Leggo's.



Interesting how we posted on the same topic within a moment of each other, from different perspectives. Good luck inspring creativity, my new steemfriend.


Hey @pretty.dorky, I love this post!! I actually taught at a Fine Arts school (grades 1-12) and it was such an awesome atmosphere...creativity was weaved throughout every bit of the curriculum. You are right though, most schools suck the creativity right out of kids. It's horrible. I say let kids color outside of the lines...it's the way I've lived my life :)

I curate for @asapers, and I'm going to submit your post to be put in our READ me ASAP newsletter :) Stay tuned...


Thank you @lynncoyle1! I’m so glad you liked it. 😊 I appreciate the support.

Ya know Dorky, I have certainly noticed that with our public schools, creativity is definitely not something thats touched on anymore. My son graduated in 2014 and the only thing they ever pushed were tests. Make sure you fill in the little circles completely!! I took upon myself to lead by example and getting him involved. You have a creative spirit and you are unique, both shine here!!


Awww schucks 😁 thx @monchhichi23, you’re not so bad yourself! 😉

I agree with @tamala!!! I have never thought I was creative but I just needed to open my mind to possibilities and try :)


We are glad you did @andysantics48! I see you as very creative.

Natural ability would be nice and maybe makes things just a bit simpler, I do think some with natural ability tend to focus only on the things they find natural, where I like to say I am more "Technically Creative" since it is all just the culmination of observing, processing and spewing out new information.

The schools seem to skip the processing part and instead focus on just storing and regurgitation then we all go into the world just regurgitating everything we learn but never letting it into the mix and make us a bit sick to get mixed with other things then spewing out a hot mess of creativity.

Now that is puke I won't mind cleaning.


As we all find ways to be a little bit more creative in our daily lives, you are correct that a support structure can improve your growth unless that is me then you might get a bit stinted, constructive criticism is as much required as a snap out of it already gut punch, ok maybe we never require the gut punch but no one is perfect.

I think constructive criticism falls into the category of support! Gut punch is saved for close friends that can handle it. Bring it @penderis, I’m ready! 👊🏻😉

Some of us are born with more natural creative genius than others. But experts agree that every human can nurture this beauty within us to be the best in our respective fields.

I love this point as I am defitnitely guilty of feeling like I am not that creative. Probably because I am surrounded by people who have forms of creativity I do not possess.

But your right! I can be creative in many other ways.

Great post Dorky!


Thank you @tamala! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I also have never considered myself a traditionally creative person. But indeed we both create, everyday! 😉

This was a brilliant post (and my choice for the win this week!) hehehe I just sat here nodding, reading the whole thing! (and the masterpiece that Jeff created at the end was amazing hehehehe) Who knew lego cats could paint???? ;)


Thank you dreem! Jeff is a cat of all trades. 😉

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P.S. I love a bit of creativity and think the world would be a very boring place without it. @insideoutlet

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😁 thank you!

This is so true @pretty.dorky. Most of the times we lead a very monotonous life. Our lives lack variety and that variety is creativity. We can be creative in the most simple things as you said. Also our public schools demand perfection. How can we judge the child based on a few pages of the textbook that he/she Is supposed to memorize. Our education system needs a change and that is for sure. I immensely enjoyed reading this wonderful post. Thank you for sharing :)


Thanks @illusions16! So nice to hear you enjoyed it. Variety is the spice of life right? 🌶

I found your post through the @asapers newsletter. I do agree with your main points. Even research shows that creative engagement, whether in the elderly or the young, promotes cognitive growth. Plus, it's fun. It's an essential part of our humanity. So...great post, great reminder. I'll go and be creative, right now :)


😃 Thank you @agmoore! What did you go do?


Working on a post and trying to recreate a map of the Persian Empire --playing with colors now. See, your blog worked!


Nice! Is cartography a hobby or your job? Or both? I’ve always thought maps were great art.


No, I just needed a map to demonstrate relative positions of two armies and there was no copyright-free image available. So... I'm trying to improvise, make something colorful and interesting. Not sure it's working :)