Shine on You Crazy Diamond...A Poem kind of a thing..

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Looking back over my life I can still hear the song by Pink Floyd, Shine on You Crazy Diamond and I teleport back to my teens. A smile reaches my face and my eyes close slowly.

To be so free and full of life. To be so confident that everything in life would turn out just how I wanted. I reconnect with that young soul. We mesh, smile, and dance.

Smelling the air takes on old meanings as my body sways back and forth to the music that fills my headphones. Euphoria fills my soul. Endorphins, long silent, come alive. Blood moves faster through my veins. The music reaching deep into every blood vessel.

Calming, yet alive.

The sound of horns, in the distance, brings old souls together. Dancing. Faces tilted. Lips touching. Tasting the salt from a neck. Bodies entwined deep into the music. The wonder of life making itself known.

Actions slow, music sinking deeper into your souls. Hands skim over skin. Feeling, touching, remembering. Dancing as old as time. Life takes on true meaning while breathing in the soft blanket of damp air the fog has wrapped you in.

Twirling in place.

Head threw back.

Feeling your soul awake, alive, free, laughing.

Pure joy.

It will end. Embrace it fully. Letting go of all earthly restraints. Jubilation. Transported to another world. Your soul leaps free. Skimming clouds. Dancing in the stars above. Free. Shining. Like a diamond in the sky.

In charge of your life. In charge of your world. Laughing one last time, you chase a shooting star across the sky.

Hearing the final horns calling you home. The time has come. Reality.

Eyes open slowly. Blink. Calmness still in your grasp. Breathing deep. Thanking God for the freedom you witnesses...


Some Shine like a diamond in the sky with just one cord heard.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Full Length: Parts I - IX) - Pink Floyd

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Looking back, seeing me, so young, and the song playing... over and over
Seeing the little world I created.
My third floor attic
a few lounge chairs, a huge stereo system, and two beds...
a large set of lockers
a club house,
close friends, all of us
the good times there,
and all the time, shine on, you crazy diamonds... all of you
We called it Grant Ave, for the turn of the century sign hanging at the entrance

Every once in a while, it comes up in conversation....
a half dozen close young men, a half dozen close young women
and a slightly larger group, not quite as close, but always around, too
most of them, at one point or another have remembered over the last few years, the good time all had there.

Shine on!


I LOVE that story. It's amazing how this song has impacted so many people.
Thank you, Blue for sharing your story with me!!

I guess some memories are needed to shine when it seems very dark out.

You know just hearing "shine on" triggers a mental recording of the entire PF song in my head.

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What an awesome choice for you post! PF is my favorite band. I think their music is just in a class by itself. Very talented musicians. This song was about Syd Barrett, their original guitarist, songwriter and also the originator of the "Pink Floyd" name, which he made from the names of 2 blues artists. Syd is the Crazy Diamond. Sad story of genius wasted.

Thanks for posting the whole song!


Thank You for the information and stopping by!! and yes!! I think while writing this I listened to the whole song 4 times and it still puts me right back to when I heard it first.

What an excellent poem kind of a thing. :)
And Pink Floyd is one of the best bands that ever has been.


Thank You so much and yes they are!!!

You were a wild one..... Weren't you 😜

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Shhhhhhhhhhhhh Don't tell anyone!!


Hahahhahaha your secret is safe with me!!!!

(And the blockchain!) Hahahaha

Poetry with a snookie twist? I love it! I have to admit, this song was one of the first things that popped into my mind for "shine". The other is, of course, about spirits.


Thank you!! and yes...... lots of Shine things popped into my head but this one spoke the loudest :D

Always loved that song! The emotions it envokes are a mixture of nostolgia for those times and melancholy for that great casualty of rock and roll, Syd Barrett.


The emotions it envokes are a mixture of nostolgia for those times and melancholy for that great casualty of rock and roll, Syd Barrett.


and yes, it teleports you back in time.


Syd showed up in the studio when they were recording this album, and none of them recoginzed him, then Roger did and told the rest who it was. Very odd, him showing up on this album especially, after they hadn't seen him for a few years. He had cut off his hair, on his head, eyebrows, everything, and was much heavier.

Great song and doesn't surprise me this was your 'shine'. Was one of the first things that came to mind for me too🤗

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