Drug addiction among young people

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What is addiction?

  • Inability to stay away from a certain substance or stop a certain behavior.
  • Increased desire to consume the substance or perform the behavior.
  • Loss of self-control.
  • Ignore the extent to which this addiction causes problems.
  • The problem of addiction worsens with time.
  • Loss of normal emotional response.
  • The negative and dangerous impact of addiction on an individual's daily life over time; As it may cause permanent health complications and serious consequences.

Types of addiction

There are two main types of addiction

  • Substance addiction
    Addiction to illegal drugs is a complex neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by a recurrent craving for compulsive drug or alcohol abuse, despite harmful consequences that may lead to significant disruption of daily life.

  • Addictive behavior
    Where he feels the same symptoms of addiction, but without consuming a specific substance, but rather by doing an activity, behavior or group of activities that provide some comfortable and calming feelings, and sometimes euphoria and joy in the individual.

Stages of getting addicted

The stage of addiction is not reached directly, but there are several stages that must be passed through first, including:

  • Experience of the drug or behavior.
  • Abusing the drug or practicing the behavior in an irregular manner on occasions at which time the person is called the user.
  • Taking drugs and doing the behavior regularly.
  • Psychological dependence on the substance and behavior that is being done.
  • Falling into addiction and being unable to stop using drugs or give up addictive behavior.

In this article, we will discuss drug addiction among young people

Drug addiction and its impact on youth

Today we present to you a research on drug addiction and its effect on young people, as drugs are a substance that is made from plants. It also contains sedatives that cause human inactivity, and they negatively affect human health, and addiction completely destroys the nervous system.


  • Drugs are among the most harmful substances to humans, and can even lead to death.
    Also, drugs do not affect the individual who is addicted to them only, but also affect the entire society.
  • Narcotics are substances that destroy a person easily, so a person must know that addiction is the path to death and destruction.
  • It is the one who eliminates the future and the addicted person does not feel any security, so drugs lead to death.

Causes of addiction

When conducting a research summary on addiction, the researchers were interested in knowing the reasons that drive it, as it is primarily a mental illness, there are motives that caused it, which range from environmental, psychological or genetic motives and include:

  1. Desire to feel happy:
    The main cause of addiction is the addicted person's desire to feel the happiness and euphoria left by the drug or the result of the usual behavior that causes happiness.
  2. Decompression:
    Life pressures, whether at work or family, greatly push a person to escape from them or relieve feelings of them, so he resorted to a source that gives him feelings of relaxation and separates him from the surrounding world.
  3. Mental illness:
    Psychological diseases such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are on the list of addictive causes that push the patient to him, due to his inability to deal with them.
  4. Emotional trauma:
    Emotional trauma resulting from the death of a loved one or exposure to betrayal and the occurrence of divorce causes entering into a state of sadness and inability to deal with it and thus falling into addiction.
  5. Loss of self-confidence:
    Loss of self-confidence and dissatisfaction with the external appearance or the ability to form relationships, push the person to create an alternative world that enhances his sense of self-confidence, so he turns to drug abuse and addiction.
  6. Emptiness and boredom:
    Emptiness, boredom, lack of purpose, or a life filled with passion is one of the drivers of addiction.
  7. An environment that encourages addiction:
    The environment and society that accepts the idea of using drugs or practicing one of the addictive behaviors pushes the person to fall into addiction in his desire to integrate with society and not feel lonely.
  8. Availability of Genetic Factors:
    Genetics and the presence of a parent who abuses drugs play a role in children's predisposition to addiction.
  9. Enhance sexual ability:
    The desire to enhance sexual ability pushes a person to take drugs and fall into addiction, thinking that they can enhance sexual life.

The effects of addiction

The effects of addiction on the individual

The most common dangers of smoking and drugs to the health of young people

There are many dangers of smoking and drugs on the health of young people, we must talk about them in a study on smoking, addiction and drugs and their harms, as follows:

  • Drugs and smoking speed up the heart rate and lower blood pressure.
  • Loss of appetite with poor digestion and stomach ulcers.
    Infection with some mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and memory loss.
  • There is a general weakness in the activity and vitality of the body.
  • Significant effect on the respiratory system abuse of these drugs.
  • Trembling in the body with a feeling of dizziness, heat in the head and coldness in the extremities.
  • Drugs affect the ability to pay attention, and this depends on the type of drug and the amount of it used.
  • Nausea and red eyes.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Hallucinations when using excessive drugs.
  • Exposure of the body to many different diseases such as cancer and other diseases that result from smoking or drug abuse.
  • And drugs of all kinds. With the passage of time and continuing to abuse them, the person becomes unable to stay away from them and increases their use.
  • Drugs of all kinds lead to a general weakness in the body's immune system.
  • Infection with impotence in men in addition to the presence of some other sexual problems.

Narcotics and their effect on the nervous system

  • Drugs cause a disorder of the nervous system, as drugs that contain substances work to stop the fluid in the nervous system. It is responsible for the nerve conduction of the brain, and is also connected to all parts of the body, and this leads to the failure to deliver signals from the brain to the rest of the body. And
  • The drug shows a great impact on the addict through his movement and concentration, because drugs affect the nervous system greatly. It makes the addict unconscious, so the addicted person cannot suddenly stop the drug. Because this will lead to the destruction of the nervous system and even all parts of the body, as it exposes the addict to many convulsions. Therefore, when treating an addict, you must refer to a drug addict.

The effects of addiction on the family

When conducting research on addiction, we found that the family is the first to be affected by the addiction of one of the individuals inside it, as it is subjected to a complete collapse, which includes:

  • The inability of the addicted person to bear the financial burdens and thus the disintegration of the family and the occurrence of divorce.
  • Children are homeless and out of education and forced to work.
  • The children's desire to imitate the addicted father of the family and consequently their fall into addiction.
  • Bad reputation and exposure to social ostracism as a result of a family member falling into addiction.
  • Children suffer from depression, sadness and suicidal ideation.
  • Exposure to violence and psychological and physical abuse from the addicted person.

The effects of addiction on society

Addiction greatly affects society, which faces many harms, including:

  • Loss of human cadres as a result of their exit from the labor market and their inability to perform their professional roles.
  • Loss of production factors such as machines and cars due to many accidents.
  • Frequent crimes of murder, theft, rape, spreading panic and insecurity among members of society.
    Loss of many lives as a result of many accidents and deaths.

Ways to stay away from drugs

  • Strong and cohesive relationships are created between family and friends in the addict's life, whether he is a drug addict or smokes cigarettes.
  • You should talk to a person who is comfortable for the urban person, and this person should be shared, talked to and taken advice from him on how to stay away from drugs and treatment of addiction.
  • The mind and thinking should be removed from these drugs as much as possible and fill the time with useful activities, which do not make the person think too much about addiction.
  • You must choose some good friends in life and stay away from bad friends.
  • You must strive to set some specific goals and aspirations, and strive to achieve these goals that help the person stay away from drugs.
  • If the previous factors fail, a psychiatrist is treated, who can treat the addict at this stage.
  • Excessive caffeine should be avoided because it leads to nervousness and addiction over time.
  • Awareness methods should be disseminated in schools and universities about the harms of various drugs, educational institutions and universities.
  • The state must intervene in monitoring smugglers and drug dealers, arresting them, and ridding society of them.
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