The future of Darknet Markets - DECENTRALIZATION!

5년 전

With the takedowns of Hansa and Alphabay, I think decentralization is a must for future marketplaces. At least for them to stay up for a few years, they'll need to be completely different. Because as we currently see, the system just isn't working or either wise we wouldn't have so many exit scams and seizures.

Either way, as we go forward into the future I think a lot of marketplaces will need to use a good escrow system, multi-sig features, they'll have to stay away from FE and the users will have to be a bit more paranoid and use good OPSEC. It's important.

Interesting to check out:


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You cannot wage a war against substances, it's just not possible to win. There will always be a supply and demand. The solution? A decentralized marketplace after substances have been made legal one day..


@avilsd do you think the governments even think they have a chance to win or do they realize its unwinnable but just all about money/power/control?


@avilsd, Do you think that the bitcoin rise has anything to do with the markets going down and people selling the coins as they cant buy shit from the markets anymore? or just general intrest is rising in the coin?


I know you weren't asking me, BUT: Bitcoins are fluctuating but up overall. Even since Silkroad was gone. Every market that goes down, an new one comes up. There's just the right amount of demand for it. BUT, I also think that coins are going up because of speculation. If they go UP because of the fork there might be a pull-back.


@wolfsheed, Thanks for the reply i can see what you mean and yes i agree but i dont think it will go up becauyse of the fork i think it will go down if anything as people will loose confidence in BTC


Yes, splits always mean a decline in value, but can often rebound by quite a bit. Look at historical splits like google. Whether confidence goes down depends on how bullish the market is.

Let's face it. A lot of altcoins are running on optimism alone. I really want bitcoin to succeed. A winemaker I know once said, "Whenever someone opens a winery in {this province}, I sell more wine"


Yes, theyll never win the war against drugs. People will always be using those. They need to educate the people about drugs and not send them to prison. I mean, look at the netherlands they even have to close prisons because they cant get enough people to fill them and they dont have more drug addicts than other countries. Aside from that, prison time will only teach you how to become a better crimimal and get you new connections.
Prisons were made to rehabilitate people, but they rarely have that effect on the inmates.

Mate it's an absolute trip to see you on here; killing it too. I commented in your previous thread also. I just find it so funny of all people to come across on steemit, you happened to be on here and a decently active user at that.
I remember watching mostly your videos on Modafinil because that's what I was into at the time. Good to see you're well.

It will be hard to create a good escrow system for darkenet markets, even if a crypto currency is used, these will also become targets and security honeypots.

It's a great opportunity, because corporate players want to stay away. Paypal is still keeping it's nose totally clean, not allowing or or gambling-lite sites to use it. Currently there's still a big hole for someone to fill.

Agreed but it seems greed is getting the way of someone coming up with a good system to benefit everyone. Like you said before the demand will never stop, only accessibility

The genius who create these markets will continue to innovate them. Great post Avi.



Mikeyy do a live stream

Great points bro I love it. Also fuckk the governments for fighting this ridiculous war on drugs for so long. Checking out your other posts as well check mine out brotha!


The only problem governments have with darknet markets is that it is taking their business away. Being the monolithic abominations which they are, it is inevitable that government will fail.

In the mean time... Openbazaar2 Alpha running over Tor is out and Bitbay allows you to create what you want in their private namespace but I think the future is in Sky.

They have created a new darknet from the protocol level up with all traffic encrypted by default based on open design hardware and an entirely new namespace . Completely decentralised internet. The first application for sky is a redditesque BBS about to be released and there has been quite a bit of talk on the Telegram channel about a decentralised marketplace.

Keep an eye on this one.