Let's Talk About Addiction

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Message from my Wife

Let's talk.

Let's talk about someone's mother, brother, uncle, sister, neice or nephew...maybe even the grandparents.

Do we fail as a society to find human compassion?

Addiction is as close as a walk to your medicine cabinet in this day and age.

When do we stop talking to people?


When do we start caring about them as human beings?

Now and for ever! They are people; they are human. They hope, they dream, just like all of us.

I welcome all of you to talk to me about addiction.

P.S. Addiction does not have any socio-economic class.



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Addiction is a real disease that is started with sugar as children kick-starting our DNA to follow the yellow brick road of addiction! Yay!


Take at look at our youth today; gone are the sweet and innocent days of yore. They are pressured to grow up too soon; by the age of 14 they are supposed to know what they want to do when they reach adulthood. No wonder self-medication is the norm!

Addiction is a mental condition that make one fixated, as it rapidly consumes it's victim. Well, it doesn't all by itself, but with what I call the "just a little" syndrome. Though, some persons believe that a person can be addicted to good things, when you hear the term addictions the message that rings in your head is negative and disapproving acts.

A confirmed alcoholic or an addicted watcher of pornographic movies or someone who's ensnared by masturbation did not become all of that in a day or overnight; it is gradual-- with consistency it gains prominence of the mind of such individual and kills the creativity, as well as reduce such person to a beautiful mess if not managed with conscious effort and professional help of others. (Let me stop here.)

Kind regards.


We need to get to the root of addiction before we can ever hope to eradicate it, let alone reduce its growing presence in our society - it is an epidemic here in my city in Northern Canada. Thank you for your thoughtful comment friend.

Great to lend an ear to those who need help!


Thank you, because that's what most people need....