The beginning of the end of the War on Drugs- BeHeardNotHarmed



Australia 2019. Way too many drug-related deaths this festival season, and yet the governments in Australia refuse to allow drug-checking (pill testing.) This is despite the fact that 4 in 5 Australians actually support government funded pill testing, and the scientific evidence strongly suggests pill-testing would save lives, and reduce strain on the medical system. The Students for Sensible Drug Policy have recently launched the BeHeardNotHarmed campaign which looks to ensure that drug policy in Australia is based upon scientific evidence and not upon arbitrariness, or even worse, political motives.

Check out the campaign, share it, donate, buy a T-shirt, and get the fuck ready for an Australia (and a world) in which we receive the proper scientific education around drugs, and are provided with the services to make informed and safe decisions.

Peace and Love-

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