Are there drugs to prevent neck pain?


Root canker pain is one of the symptoms of musculoskeletal pain in the spine, can be encountered at any age, every kind of daily labor. However, neck pain is more common in people who often work in the office, in the cold air environment, less active.

The cause of neck pain may be simply due to cold, which may be natural after waking, which may be due to sitting, working long in improper posture or sudden rotation of the neck. Rheumatoid arthritis is also a symptom of an arm-neck syndrome, which can be caused by degeneration or spinal disc herniation that causes root canal/nerve compression or root canal compression.

The disease is usually acute, severe pain but also occurs slowly, dull pain, recurrent many times, chronic. Neck scoliosis, limb movement neck. Stretching the neck muscles. If there is nerve compression, the neck is often accompanied by pain, numbness spread to the occipital / shoulder area, sometimes there is a burning sensation, ants around the shoulders, arms, tables, and fingers. It also includes other symptoms such as an occipital headache, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue. These symptoms are usually caused by circadian vascular system disorders, neurological disorders ...

Symptomatic treatment combined to solve the cause. Combination drug therapy and other non-medication measures such as physical therapy, traditional medicine. In acute pain, conventional painkillers such as paracetamol, paracetamol-associated painkillers with tramadol or codeine, painkillers, muscle relaxants, and neuroleptic drugs can be used.

Basically there is no cure for neck pain, prevention/relapse mainly relies on awareness in changing habits of life, labor and work such as avoiding cold, avoid direct air conditioning; Avoid too high a pillow; note proper head and neck position when working, using computer; avoiding a sustained posture; Caution when swivel neck suddenly, excessive; can be self-lubricating, apply warm skin on the neck after working long and long in a posture; Regularly change posture every 30 minutes-1 hour, perform some movements of bending / backstroke / tilting / spinning of the neck spine a gentle soothing muscles, circulation of blood, reduce fatigue stiffness. ...

You should go to the examination, you may need to perform tests, screenings for accurate diagnosis, correct medication. Do not take medication to "room" pain in the neck.

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Its a mechanical problem the best way to heal is going for neck exercise to strengthen your neck muscles. The above mentioned drugs will only reduce the inflammation which is ideal for very short term before taking up neck exercise.