Check my latest fight ! loro68 vs cry-pto

7개월 전

Hi friends

last night I got a visit from a spy of @cry-pto, luckly he did not attack me, because today I sent a spy to him and I discover he have a troop level like top 100 users, so I hope we will keep friendly.
For sure I would have him on my same gang....

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Happy seeing increasing you gang on drugwars game


are you already member?

Wow that is a big gang right there! Good thing he didn't attack you.

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yeah, really cool tanks defense...


Yes but against cry-pto is impossible resist, so could i be your gang member as promised by @intellihandling?


I hope you are reasonable and not do conflicts with such a mate :) Your empire is ok, not seems you are active a much... But for now, when we have lat slots decide to accept you. Hope you will raise your empire and be an active member. Join our discord chat. You may apply in the game here:


Thank you, I applied, now waiting for confirm...


No problem. Welcome, have fun.


I am member of the gang, thank yo to accept me

amazing bootcamp

@loro68, It went really one sided and after watching this picture i want to say that One Man Army. 🙂