How to Earn More in DrugWars After Recent Monetary Reward Changes

2년 전

Hi guys,

TBH, the only way to do this is by making the developer aware of these below mentioned facts. So please Upvote and Resteem this post. If you don't feel like upvoting my post, do a favor of creating your own post and then let everyone upvote that. I have no problem on that. But please spread the word.

This is not to create hate on Drugwars, because I really liked the project so far until recently. You can check my wallet history to see how active I was in the game. I might not be the best player in the game, but I was active almost everyday since I joined DrugWars. I don't hate the project, but I didn't like the way how money changed the mentality of the Drugwars team. They changed their moto. Before it was like.. Drug is not real, but the money is.. Weapons are not real, but the money is.., etc. But now things have changed a lot. Even money is not real anymore.. Because the value of rewards you get in Future tokens is close to zero and the developers themselves set the price of Future Tokens. Plus the complexity to cash out Future tokens via Obyte wallet is next level. I know I can exchange the Future Tokens to Steem, but the exchange value is worthless.

Let see what the community is saying (Comments made on DrugWars Roadmap Post)

These are just a few who made an effort to go out there and comment. Most of us are really frustrated with the changes made to the game's reward system in the past few days. Some of them have even invested a lot of money in the game, hoping for good ROI. Because if you look at this game in perspective of FUN level, there is no fun at all compared to other mafia/mob games out there ( is one example to compare). Drugwars basically got all these attention and users because of its good reward system in the past. Now it looks like everything is fading off.

My Advice To The Devs:
Don't be myspace of blockchain games. Do things in favor of the users and users will stick to you. You're doing great in developing this game, feature wise. Bring back a good rewarding system soon before you lose everyone.

It looks to me like DrugWars has inclined more towards Obyte than Steem ecosystem lately. There is no link to steem at all, at this moment, other than the nav bar displaying the rewards in Steem (which is not true anymore). Future Token value is defined by the developers (I might be wrong on this, because its so complicated for normal user to understand how Obyte works). Bottom line is nobody wants to do all the hardwork to get that 0.01 STEEM (i.e. $0.004) daily on average via Future tokens. Instead we can use some of those PTC sites to get paid even better. Why cant steemians support another game development team who will start from scratch and can promise us good reward system forever, instead of wasting our time on DrugWars and finally getting nothing of true value. Again, the only value this game had was its real money earning opportunity, which is no longer there.

Thanks for reading. Please Upvote and Resteem if you think this needs to be heard.

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