How exactly work TRAINING FACILITY?

3개월 전

I did not do much. Only level 5.
I have now recorded the condition in a small table. The higher the level of the soldier, the longer he needs time to recruit.
Spy 2m 2s
Hobo 1m 41s
Super Bouncer 2m 37s
Big Mama 14m 47s
Knifer 2m 15s
Gunman 4m
Sniper 6m 46s
Hitman 7m 8s
Ninja 12m 1s
Bazooka Guy 13m 24s
Mercenary 25m 4s
I would be interested how fast can you recruit new soldiers with high level? Time is money, and probably it is better to develop? What about you? Write your opinion and experience!

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hey @detlef-s

Why not clicking directly on the Training facility?

You can have the details for most of buildings with a simple click on their title.

Hope that helps.
Have fun!