The easiest way to get future for drugwars?

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Dear steem-bountiers

After all my test, i find out how to use this byteball wallet and buy some futures, so now i have 50,000 in my wallet.

But i did it in a very hard way, as you saw from my past posts, because this byteball wallet is really complicated.

So i would like to give some help to who want to buy futures in drugwars and do not want spent so much money as they ask in market but cannot operate with this crazy byteball bot wallet.

As you can see from the post image, 500 futures cost 6.05 steem, but this price is totally out from real market price.

So i would like to give a service of exchange only for steemit users with much more honest price, 500 futures for 2.5 steem.

How you can get this service?

It is very easy, first you need to go to deposit page in drugwars:

If you already have the deposit address, take it, if not push the blue button to generate it.

Take a copy of the address, than send to @intellihandling using your steem wallet, the amount of steems (2.5 every 500 futures) and in memo please add your generated address.

This is manual service, so it will be done once a day, in the CET evening time.

Every transfer made with no right info, the amount will be sent back.

Please make upvote and comment after you did the transfer, in order to get the bounty set, so the price finally will be much more less.

The bounty is reserved to who will use the exchange service, so other comments will not get any upvote.

The bounty will increase if there will be a big demand, in order to get a minimum bounty of 0,5 steem to everyone will join and made right procedure.

I always support my beloved community of @steem-bounty.

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@loro68 transfer 2.500 STEEM to @intellihandling NDXNNI3PO7C5JKMMURZ3S3PLXWFM5RQ2



Please confirm me if coins goes directly on your drugwars account


Yes i got them without using shit byteball wallet

What a great idea mate yes the price of future to steem is so wrong! Well done!

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@intellihandling, Keep up the good efforts and i want to appreciate it because you are coming up with reasonable price for Steemians and putting manual efforts too.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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I feel like steemmonsters has taken all my time and now I don´t play drugwars very much...

Nice! I wish you have such an offer for steemmonsters cards :)

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I think the easiest would be to amass troupes and destroy other players as most of the future rewards go for that

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