Is now time to walk with my legs

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Dear friends

thanks to @knircky, I got to survive well during last months, because my SP was so low that I was not able to make anything here.

Now is time to grown and walk wit my legs!

First of all, I stop to play magicdice due to the loosing bot they can make to you and as you can see from my posts I am concentrate to grown my @drugwars rank, now I am 293, but if I ould manage next upgrade, I will be for sure near top 100's.

Unfortunately, growing drugwars account will not give any benefit to my SP, they are slowing moving out from steem as you can see from their latest post:

So would do you think how I can grow here without big investment?





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Nice topics !!

That is a good question. I'm still trying to sort out a little bit of this myself.
I might suggest that you document your process.
Start to collect information you learn, the applications that you use, and the way you start to generate income. Over time you could then create a guide that you can sell to new users, or gift to them to help them develop as well. Also if your posting every day about your journey, you will generate votes and followers quicker.

Also using programs like it is great to earn some. is another good way. Post that you can do a gig for some Steem. is also great! Earn points and use them for upvotes!
If you think you're going to be off-line for a week or two, consider leasing your steam power
I have seen a pretty good return from only delegating 50 SP.

The more friends you make on this platform the more it will help you as well. So be friendly and say hello to people :)

I would say the easiest way without investing would be to become really active with dapps like @actifit you could be trying to get your 5k steps per day to earn your daily upvote.

@steemhunt and @steemgigs are also a great way to earn big rewards for content and following some @oracle-d @sndbox, @creativecrypto @orignalworks for competitions you can enter for rewards.

@fibra59 has meme and photobomb challenge and @memestagram gives out random rewards for every post on their site

As someone already pointed out in the comments, the easiest is @actifit.

  1. @actifit : you are sure to get an upvote and AFIT tokens wherever you post at least 5k counts. You can currently exchange 20 tokens for $1 upvote and I usually earn over 40 tokens per post.

  2. ask questions in the form of polls and earn upvotes. You can equally participate in the numerous giveaways running there.

  3. @steemhunt: hunt (search) cool dapps and get upvoted.

Hey @loro68!

Well done on surviving this long!! You can start making some cool growth moves now by using some dapps and being smart about what you posting. Here's a few of my tips

  1. Get into @actifit. Great dapp used to monitor you activity and exercise on your phone. If you don't workout, just your daily activity is enough to get you to 5000 activity points which will give you a free upvote from actifit.
  2. Invest in @dustsweeper credits. This service upvotes your posts and comments that don't make minimum payout. So you guaranteed to get paid with each effort.
  3. Download @partiko and earn points just for normal activity on steemit, posting, commenting and voting.. As well as a few bonus ways. You can use these points to upvote your posts and earn more SP! You can use my referral link and you will earn 2500 points after making your first post

Good luck and have fun..

I would definitely take the easy path and go with Actifit and send your report each day. Actifit gives you tokens that you redeem for big upvotes around 1.25$ in exchange of 20 Actifit tokens.

Basically, you can make a profit around 0.75c. You can share great content from the internet on DLike and the site provides upvotes that grow your account over time.

If you make good polls on or write good answers on you will get upvoted.

Or make some smart comments on posts of whales so they give you an upvote.

You can actually build your SP by building your pantheon in drugwars. Building your Headquarters as a pre-requisite then your Pantheon will enable you to increase the upvotes you receive each time you share a battle to Steem.

I have level 30 Pantheon at the moment and I am receiving around 1 SP each day at the moment. I am planning to increase it further.

You can check it out. I have a companion who is at level 43 when the last time he told me and he is racking around 1.5 SP since his post cost around $1.2 each day.

Become a bounty hunter yourself and visit @paulag and @thedarkhorse plus join contests. @fitinfun has many tips.

@loro68, In my opinion many projects showcase the lack of integrity over the period of time. Stay blessed and hope that you will grow effectively.