New update made me confusion...

2년 전

Dear friends

this is my updated position, but after new game updates, it will take me really too much efford to reach again the top 100's.

I think the @drugwars team did a nice thing increasing the storage quantity, but I think they made mess with this thing of territory.

So what I should do to rise again my production quantity?

Is better taking new territory and be in the middle of the war or being paceful with my own place?

You know @drugwars team wanted to make more war than quite game, so I am worry to follow their advise, what do you think?

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  ·  2년 전

Updates tend to shit the good we had, they break our style and I hate that completely.

No idea drugwars do not communicate very well not a great fan of the new change are you? Maybe @vlemon or @intellihandling can help you out?

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If you want to have more info please go read one article I wrote:
I hope it will help you out !

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Build 5 more bases using the occupy troop. Transport resources from your primary base to your secondary ones. Increase the production and silently keep on building troops. Don't go to war but prepare yourself for it just in case.

For me, I think that they have listened to people like me based in the complains that I've sent to them.
The territory helps to limit the number of attacks that a user may be getting. For example, It took me 6 months to build my camp and someone just woke up one morning and wiped away all my fighters within and hours. How about that.
I think the upgrade is still not fully helpful to such case for those that has more powers are still looking for smaller people like me to Savage.
Did I got what you wanted to see

Maybe take sometime to study the game then you will know what to do. My production was reset to zero from over 100k, so i'm now building it back up

I do not know either. I am just building storage and production now. I don't get fighters because they just get killed before I come back.


You play this too?

straight to the heart a lot of war

@loro68, I don't play this game, but hope that soon your confusion will vanish and you will receive all the clarity.

Play safe, join up with a guild too.

I think @fredkese gave you the right answer.

It will take you more hours, sweat and energy to return to where you were. Try it.

Not just you alone.
I'm now exposed to too many enemies.
I've lost all my fighters

Time to play and recover.

When they update the programs they have to complicate everything, but it is until we know the way to manage the program again.
Follow your warrior's heart and you will return to the great place where you were.