Now keep the dream true is very hard....

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Dear friends

rgiht now I am stil on the top 100's in @drugwars, but next step will take me a lot of time, because my weapons and alchool storage are not enough to cover the quantity to make the next step.

I cannot imagine if someone would like to buy the next level of it when it needs over 80 usd or over 200 Steems!!

Anyway the game implemented to give some production to gang too, and I am giving my part, I hope we will grown soon.

Unfortunately my pc went crashed and i cannot get the Steem-bounty advertise, I hope to be not a problem for you guys...

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Very true, the higher you move, the challenging it becomes to maintain that position and move further above the line as people ahead are already producing a huge number of weapons/alcohol etc. I believe most of them are early adopters of the game.
Anyways, all the best!

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Hello friend @loro68, it's a great game and as you also show a lot of money for someone to buy it, continue with what you do and maybe you can solve it.

Take care.

Wow! Top 100 sounds cool, congratulations!

You seem very much dedicated/addicted to this game. I haven't tried out, not until after they left Steem.

Well, I wish you all the best and more milestones 💪

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Good luck I'm no were near in the top 100 and I lose my army loads it is hard to stay where you are! All the best well done though

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Dear @loro68, please if you can contribute for our gang development it will be highly appreciated, your next step will take a lot of time i think....:((


Yes you are right, next step is too huge, I will consider to give some resource to gang...

Major problem upgrading further is safe. Your safe capacity has to be increased which would be very huge by now. How much do you earn by raiding everyday ? 2M 5M or even more

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WOW. Looking good!
1.53 Million.. that is a lot for a lab Lol.. well, happy to see you Rocking it and taking it to the top!

It's big milestone. Unfortunately I stopped to play. But I hink not so many people ready to pay for new lvl so much funds

@loro68, Definitely this is huge amount. But hope that you will grow up in ranks. Enjoy your Gaming time and stay blessed.