One more step done...

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Dear friends

slowly my rank is reaching the top 100's and I am involved to get this goal.

In drugwars many updates are coming, but what I like to mention is the new version of gang development.

Infact now there are buildings for gang too and every member can put some resource to develop gang power.

My gang is very nice drived, never asking me to be involved in stupid wars and our boss is making very important alliance with some of the most powerful gangs.

If some of @steem-bounty family would like to join our gang, I could do my best to ask to our boss about it.





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Very good bro, our gang is going to develop with you too...:)))

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Hello dear @loro68, excuse my ignorance but I do not know what this project is about. Would you be very kind to explain something to me and tell me if I can participate in this initiative?


Drugwars is a game you can play on the blockchain.

If you do not know what people talk about it is hard to understand or join.
I noticed that with other posts too. ☘💕

Hey I am on drugwars too what gang are you in? Thanks again Mark

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"Looking for the best but xpecting the worst are you gonna drop the bomb or not."

I think this drugwars need a theme song, I've heard a lot about it and has always been a fan of it.

Ride on
You have our support

Successful. I want to join this gang. I'm pretty strong in the game

alliances, truces, battles, running your own Empire and being part of other empires... in real life that's what drug wars are about so I could see that mirroring nicely in the game.
I hope I don't cross you on the street :D

@loro68, Good to know that you are enjoying this journey and it's becoming exciting. And when we play in gang then we can see more effectivity and productivity for sure.

Have a great time ahead and enjoy your time ahead.

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I would love to join your gang it looks to work incredibly well, but I´m just getting back into the game after more than a month without playing. And I´ve never invested heavily to develop faster...

If everybody is joining the same gang who are you fighting to?
Good to hear you are happy.

Good job man. You have our 100% support. Just keep growing. There will come a time that we will gonna have some war but if we can maintain the peace, we will be. Cheers!

Congratulations @loro68

I recently started playing steemmonsters and I can understand the feeling we get when we're climbing up the ranks.

Keep it up buddy. Good luck :)

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Nice, good luck pushing forward !

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