The dream came true!!!

5개월 전

Dear my friends

finally here I am, even just for a day, in the top 100 users in @drugwars.

This rising positins I hope will not end, but of course this result make me very satisfied.

I would like to say thank you to our gang boss, which is managing alliance with the most dangerous gangs in order to keep quite for all members.

I would like to say thank you to user @intellihandling, which sold me 500 futures for 2.5 steem but after he sent me 3 steem through Steem-bounty , so pratically I've got 500 futures and 0.5 steem without problems...

I see from the last post people want join my gang, so I can ask to our boss, bu please give me info by comment.





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Good job, @loro68! Keep up the good work and hope you will stay in the top 100. I also like that you enjoy our company in the gang. Really appreciate it.

Wow congratulations great news I am struggling using it now bit pointless without steem

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Thank you for the mention, you was the only One Person which get this chance and you got almost all bounty, others Always Just talking and do not get almost anything

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Wow! Nice to see you in top 100. I have been playing aggressively as well lately but haven't seen much progress. I feel one would need to spend some future tokens or Steem to reach the top 100 spot.
Anyways, all the best.

Being in top 100 is surely a difficult task. I got myself up to top 250 but keep dropping every day. I'm not sure what is their algorithm to calculate that rank.
One thing is I don't kill armies. I just hunt for inactive players. Is that restricting my up climb ?

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Congratulations on your rise through the online crime syndicate. I hope you will be beloved crime lord and support those communities that support you!

@loro68, Congratulations for achieving the 100th Rank. And good wishes from my side and hope that you will achieve more effective Rank going forward.

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Well done!! Look at you working the drug Lords!! Here's to breaking many more records!!

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Big congrats to you. All I am doing these days in there is upgrading buildings, resources and storage. I battled a bit at the beginning, but stopped a couple of months ago. Hopefully when I get back to the game play I will be stronger for fighting. Before, when I had fighters, they would all be dead the next time I logged in so I stopped getting them.

Gratz just keep on doing what you are doing. The more you do the faster it will go up. Just build build build.

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I joined this awesome games.. Like the most..

Wow, I'm level 1 and far behind in the ranks. Not sure you would want me in your team. Anyways, congrats.

This is the awesome game joined everyone you can have a fun..

Congratulations! It's big milestone. Maybe you'll reach top 50!