This step is really too hard!

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Dear friends

@drugwars is going to be a play for whales or rich guys!

If to get next level of drug production with my production I need to have 693k of alchool, how I can manage it?

I will need to wait almost 2 week to increase storage and headquarters....

Do you know some quickly way to collect such crazy amount of alchool?





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That is allot of supply's needed. I'm just a small fish when it comes to drug wars but I do play it from time to time.

That is a great bounty. Normally you need to use Steem or Future to upgrade drugs building. Otherwise you need to upgrade your storage level. You can not rob from others because you can not get more than the rss of your storage can collet. That why upgrading storage level is very important.

you should use STEEM to upgrade the level you want. It is the shortest way, I think.

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91 Steem or $38 USD worth of steem is NOT worth any upgrade in this game or any other. The game isn't even close to worth investing real money into. Save your Steem for something that matters unless you are rich and love pissing away your which case donate it to PIFC instead of the greedy game

I feel like you are doing something wrong. My Pharmaceutical Lab is still level 3 but I do make about 250k in Alcohol daily plus I have a storage that saveguards about 150k of alcohol so I can get the required alcohol in about 3 days.

But again don't go for attacking others to get loot unless you get some huge loot because your Army also costs you Alcohol and Weapons so sometimes you may end of losing more than you get.

So if you have low production rate of Weapons and Alcohol you might want to upgrade those.

I see that there could be 2 options here:

  • First one would be to use STEEM or FUTURE Tokens to purchase the upgrade. This is possibly the fastest way you can get past that upgrade step. But, as we can see the cost is very high there and the ROI is not much that you would be getting daily from that much drug production.
  • Second option would be to go for some battles. I do that almost 5-6 times a day. If you find out right target and have a big unit sent to Battle, there is a possibility you can steel good amount of alcohol, weapons and drugs.

Do you know some quickly way to collect such crazy amount of alchool?

Best way is to attack inactive people and get it that way. You can earn enough to do a storage and HQ upgrade in an hour or so if you have the time.

Personally the direction of the game and not giving any real rewards anymore (worthless future tokens aren't a reward IMO) the game has become pointless.

Dear loro68, You are right .
Drugwars is a play for whales or rich guys!
If you want to have 693k alcohols,
You can to manage these items !

To upgrade headquarters and increase storage , it maybe need to wait almost 2 week, like as you say that....
If you want upgrade fast, you can paying steem tokens to add upgrade speed...
Other than that,
You also have to have enough resources.
I have some friends, he has a lot of STEEM accounts,
He and I said: His each account are join drugwars , and can receive 0.001 STEEM bounty every day...
And he goes to grab the resources of the trumpet every some days.....
He said that STEEM accounts can be purchased at ,
Each account costing about 6 STEEM.
These methods are all need to paying some steem tokens,
So , like as you say that,
Drugwars is a play for whales or rich guys!

The best thing that you can do in order to achieve the pre-requisite resources for the building production is to build your units.

By building units, you will be able to raid other accounts for resources such as alcohol and weapons. You can even loot for drug which you can put on the heist and earn some futures in return.

You don't necessarily destroy other accounts since some accounts have inactive owners and they just constantly produce resources, we call them feeders or farms. Just build spy units to check on them.

Just be careful on interacting with other players because they might see you as a threat and will attack you in return.

I have been playing drugwars for over a month and get the used of it by raiding because I can't afford to build production buildings just on my own.

Cheers! ^^,

You have 2 options, you either wait or fight for it...
To be honest, I lost the will to play drugwars, it takes way to much time to do anything.

Just today i managed to get the level before yours, but i think the next level is over my effords...:((

Start fighting, and loot people

Go to war! Win on the battlefield products, and go upando as needed. If you wait for the weather, it will be years there!

@loro68, In my opinion this game is unaffordable for many for sure. Enjoy your time ahead.

Well, the only way beside waiting for your own production is to attack others and steal their resources. Oh, and you can put some money on the game if you think it's worthy..
One thing I really don't like about drugwars, is that the storage doesn't increase more based on the level. It stays always at +27.5k / level. In my opinion it should always increase (ex: building level one - 27.5k, level 2 - +30k, level 3 - +35k and so on).

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