[Drug Wars] Battles are beginning - It's time to join Yakuza


By now, most of you have heard of Drug Wars, the game that took the Steemit community by storm immediately. As of time of writing, the game is less than a month old, and already has thousands of players, producing digital drugs, weapons, and alcohol to upgrade their empire and earn some STEEM. If you haven't heard of it, you can check out the @drugwars account for more info.

If you've been playing at all the past week, chances are you heard about battles returning. Gangs are also being released soon, and choosing the right one could make or break your Drug Wars experience.

Side note- if you aren't on the Drug Wars Discord now is the time to join! You can see how gangs behave, to see which would suit you best, and most gangs have private channels for their members to communicate with the rest of your team.

After spending a bit of time on the discord, you'll see some gangs - notably, THE Cartel, DWC Posse, FRENCHIES, La Familia, and La Piovra and Drug Wars Yakuza/D.W.Y

You may be overwhelmed with all the choices, and unsure of the best option to join. So let me simplify things - if you are not willing to make donations to support your gang, many of these aren't an option. If you are not willing to invest lots of STEEM to be very powerful, you will fall behind in many of these gangs. You might get lost with dozens and dozens or other members, and feel left out. Besides, if you aren't a significant part of your gang, they might not prioritize helping you!

So what can you do? What gang welcomes both players who are free to play or willing to pay? Which gang helps you with questions, defense, and and resources? Which gang is more personal, cares about and gets to know each and every member? The answer is Yakuza.

yakuza 2.png

Yakuza is welcoming all members with open arms. We have an undisclosed member count, but you will not be disappointed with our gang. All that we ask is that you are an active player, loyal to us, and contribute to our gang however you can - whether that be strategizing, helping new members, recruiting, working on alliances, providing troops for battles, or any other way you can help.

And in return for that, you get:

  • Powerful teammates
  • Exclusive team roles and positions
  • A great support system - for help in game or with questions you may have
  • A close-knit group of members
  • Defense from members and future allies
  • & more that is not public info!

We will NEVER require you to pay anything for your membership. We will NEVER require you to do more than you can. Yakuza is a growing force, so don't hesitate! To join us contact either:
dwyakuza [D.W.Y]#3378
kobusu [D.W.Y ojabun]#6601

We look forward to your arrival.

yakuza banner


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Thanks for breaking down the drug wars gangs. I started playing yesterday and the gang options are not available.

In your opinion, is creating a new gang worth it and what would it take?


Hi, and welcome to the game!

Currently the gangs tab on the game is empty, this is because the gangs feature hasn't been implemented yet. So the only way to really join a gang is basically to state which gang you plan on joining, contact the leader, and let them know that you are interested in joining. This way they will know to invite you once the feature is added in game.

It will also allow them to assign you to their gang in the Drugwars Discord server, so you can access a chat room that only your gang can view, which is good for planning purposes.

I don't know if new gangs will be worth it. I personally think the earlier the gang exists, the higher the chance it succeeds, but that brings up the question of "is it already too late for my gang to succeed?" Many of the big players have already joined gangs. Also, the developers said as of now, there will be no size limit on gangs. This means the more members are in one gang, the more powerful that gang is.

However, if they add a member limit later on, that would mean many gangs are too big, meaning more but smaller gangs will be necessary. This would mean smaller but established gangs (including Yakuza) would be ideal. If you start a gang now, I'm not sure how difficult it would to establish it.

Good luck and have fun in Drug Wars!


Thank's Megan, that makes total sense. I guess it's still very early in the game to know whats best, but established gangs may be the better option.

Gonna check the Discord and see what's going on, I'll likely join Yakuza to be on 'the safe side' lol

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Thanks a lat for The post and play with as.

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