DrugWars – Is it a STEEM dApp or Not?

2년 전

As an early adopter of DrugWars game (I am playing it from the first day) and also “investor”, I saw a lot of stuff around the game… some good, some bad… But, when I saw today’s post named New era of mass adoption has started in announcement section of Discord I’ve got a little bit upset… Just to clarify… I often critic things (maybe too much), but usually those critics are constructive… and.. on the other side, I am very sensitive on injustice... I hate it and I say it loud :)


Let’s recap some things about DrugWars.

They started the game pretty clumsy, but hey… It was decentralized game… It was half-product and far from a finished game, but majority of the people on Steem community wanted to give them a chance and support it… Ingame purchases pumped, money was flowing into the pockets of developers (part of the money went back to investors, to be honest), they start to adding new features into the game and everything was like in a paradise…

Battles were implemented and then the problems started… Firstly, there was an army of bots attacking inactive players and heisting over 70% of the daily prizes.. Secondly, some people which can’t accept losing a battle in the game spread the negativity and rage on people outside the game, flagging post of the enemies?!?! These problems were solved with isolating bots with ingame tweaks and the second problem was solved by possibility of changing your name in the game…

And than we got the first MAJOR slap from developers… They decided to change ingame currency from STEEM to FUTURE tokens… I still don’t know how the community swallowed that, but devs continued with game development…

Today, they came out with announcement that they “fasten-up” the game with removing custom JSON operation and implemented possibility to play the game by login in (or signing up) by Facebook account, Google, or Vkontakte, but we “can still use your steem account by signing it via steemconnect”… YAAAAY

Also, they have removed “sharing to steemit” option because “is not really adding value to the platform” suddenly! It is interesting that when they needed new players from Steem platform and free advertising, that sharing was ADDING THE VALUE, and now it isn’t?!

Okay… Let’s forget about all of this… Next thing… Now, you can buy FUTURE tokens with Paypal! Okay, that sounds pretty cool, but lets make some conclusion...

DrugWars was created on STEEM blockhain and developed thanks to STEEM community.. It used feedback from us (and it still use it) and it using STEEM blockchain for running their game… On the other side, after all this changes, what are they contribute to the STEEM? I don’t know about you, but I am feeling like a crap after all this… They were milking the cow until they need it, and now they are rising the price of FUTURE token (instead of Steem) by accepting Paypal payments for it… They do not spread awareness for Steem at all (login from FB, Google…) and the game has ZERO decentralization which was the idea from the start... The whole story starts to look like Dlive… And we know how that finished...

What do you think? Are we just cows used until the last milk drop, or these kind of business doing it right?

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yes I think you are 100% right now the after milking steem thy are going on typical online games, they lose confidence not only steemers but also all blockchain user


The problem is that Steemians will have less confidence in future projects because of these bad fruits from the past...
I hope that we will get more honest devs on Steem...

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Thanks for shout out, I appreciate it!

Great initiative man! Very good idea for supporting newcomers. I have just vote for your witness


Thank you for your witness vote @ph1102, really appreciated.
And to answer the man question question of your post, DrugWars is everything but a dApp!

Yep, DurgWars is DLive all over again.

Rape the community for funds and feedback then— ghost .


Unfortunately, that is true.. It was fishy from the start, but the latest moves are really low... :(

I don't know if its all bad because we can exchange Futures token for Steem. They're going to have collectible cards and if we can get those and exchange them for Steem, then maybe there's a point to playing the game? I know people are upset because they put a lot of Steem into the game but maybe that price is worth paying, if it makes people more wary in the future. We shouldn't just give people our Steem and expect a profit, they need to earn it.


Thank you for your comment!
Generally, I have return my investment because I was really first-day player and that doesn't bother me at all... But, it bothers me that they started as STEEM de-centralized game, got very useful info and support from all STEEM community and then turn another page and walk away from us...
Yes, we can exchange future for steem... but, why was that necessary? Yeah, I know.. that gave a bunch of explanations for that move, but I didn't find them too convincing..
I just want to say that DrugWars isn't STEEM game any more and now it is our turn to turn another page and support OUR games...
just my 2c...

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Hi, @ph1102 and thanks for your feedback.
I have never hidden my will to reach a public adoption for crypto, and (unfortunately for few people) this include now to remove the custom json to give a real game experience for new users. I doubt that there is many other cryptobased game with a smooth experience and accessibility like drugwars now.
While many argued that the json were encrypted, some others could find a way to detect which user is behind the encrypted json, that could not be countered without any other good solutions. Ok I could put some delay in each transactions but honestly, who want to have delay?
So I made another system to make post each social users on Steem, but that was unfortunately too costfull for the blockchain. (And even if nobody seems to pay any fees for transactions, don't forget that on Steem the transactions fees are paid with the inflation) and it wasnt solving the delay/posting detection issue. And after a lot of reflexion and discussions I decided to take this way. Fortunately only a small bunch of players don't like this change, but in this case I sometime ask myself if they are real players or not.

For the money, I really invite you to make the calculation and let me know how much the drugwars team got since the start. You would be surprized I think ;) More than 85% of the total money were distributed to 90+% players for a total of 13381 steem accounts. What we have gained doesnt cover the half of the development cost until now (and I dont even talk about the servers costs etc). We also had some hack issue before securing everything and I allways decided to give back more to the pool because it was my misstake.

For the FUTURE token, it was maybe hard to swallow it and don't think that it was easy and not stressful to make that change, but if you are playing the game you will see that the FUTURE token is really more sustainable and interesting for the game and the players in both ways. We love STEEM but nobody can control the inflation of it, and being tied to a crypto without any cap and a big inflation will kill the egg in the chick.
Even if we had 3 times more players we couldnt make difference on the price of steem with the actual system and the actual crypto state. But that can be totaly different if we can reach even only a few % of a total of 2B players aroudn the world.

So depending of the project we will continue to use Steem and Future and decentralized/centralized systems. Do we love centralization not all, but does it give a way to instantly reach/load datas and to give a better user experience? definitely yes!

"Also, they have removed “sharing to steemit” option because “is not really adding value to the platform” suddenly! It is interesting that when they needed new players from Steem platform and free advertising, that sharing was ADDING THE VALUE, and now it isn’t?!"

You definitely missed something there, you can still post on steem and if you do it ingame we use our forum for it, where everything is categorized and where all our users can instantly post (with the possibility to customize their shares) and comment the fights made by others. But nobody stop you to make other posts to share a fight, promote the game and attract referrals ;)

Drugwars was created on the Steem blockchain, as many of our products, but even if we got offers from other in the top 10 CMC to move DrugWars to their blockchain... did we choose to move somewhere else? We could also make our own chain by forking steem or some other... so sorry but I can't accept the comparison with Dlive, no the same situation, not the same people, and certainly not the same will to contribute to Steem!
This is my first account, @hightouch67 and since that time I'm possessed by Steem even if I was a bit suspicious at start. And 70-80% of our team are/were steemians before being Futureshock :)

How do we contribute to the steem blockchain? Now we only offer to create a steem account to obtain some advantage (its in the login page) wnd with the time there will be even more advantage to own a steem account and link it to your social one, while you will be able to obtain one as reward (we already have 5-6k accounts to distribute) if dont already own any.

So in my opinion making the game accessible, smooth and following our roadmap is definitely the best way to bring awareness around the game ofc, but also around blockchains starting by Steem, Obyte and above all around cryptocurrencies.

Finaly people who tought that we made FUTURE to become rich or to make a sneaky move are totaly wrong.
I have decided months ago to focus on features and game improvements instead of selling items to make profit, so not millions or billions could stop my will to make project with Steem and I will give you a clear example of what I said earlier.

  • We had a player who spent 5k Steem on Drugwars. Until we change the reward system he was really not advantaged and the prize pool was draining fastly.
  • We changed the system and decided to airdrop FUTURE to all players depending of their initial support to the game.
  • Instead of being able to obtain only a small % of the rewards (and so the inital support) like it would be the case if we continued with Steem; he got near 1,1M future tokens so he was able to widthraw 647 Steem when we made the transition few weeks ago.
  • Now, if this user decide to change his future he will obtain 1041 Steem.

Isn't that the best thing for all early players?
So even if nobody cares I'm sad to see post like this, I'm fighting constantly minimum 18h per day on all fronts with my team to bring up the best for the community and the crypto worl in general and I feel like nobody look at the fact but talk about fantasy.


@hightouch When are you going to refund me for that upgrade i paid for and didn't receive?